Friday, October 22, 2021

Contrasting Thoughts



It’s disappointing to read comments of respected Marco Islanders imitating attitudes of losers in our recent presidential elections. When accusations are spewed against Marco’s new councilors, without a speck of supporting evidence, it’s reminiscent of the senseless actions taken against our new President for no proven reason other than that he was elected.

Some Marcoites wail over City Manager Hernstadt’s resignation, leveling the blame on the new councilors, but offering no proof. Others incredibly urge the city to “rise up in arms to stop this City Council…” Yes, honest! Others forewarn ominously that our Fire and/or Police Chief might be the next victims “hunted down” while still another feels it’s OK if a city manager signs the city unto a multi-million dollar development application without authorization.

Here are some contrasting thoughts regarding the city manager’s resignation: Roger Hernstadt certainly numbers among Marco’s better city managers. Much of his performance in office was indeed admirable. However, I wouldn’t regard him as irreplaceable. His letter of resignation cited only vague reasons for his departure. It should have been presented personally at the council meeting, not in absentia by the City Attorney. Hernstadt was being paid to attend. Additionally, Hernstadt chose to leave office immediately, ignoring his contractual obligation to give 45-day notice of resignation. Although quitting immediately, Roger wants to be paid for the next five months, until 07 July, 2017.

Apparently, Mr. Hernstadt’s “love and devotion” towards Marco ranks right up there with his loyalty to former employers Miami and Marathon. He leaves when something better comes along. Accordingly, please do save the rocks being thrown to city council for when they’re deserved.

Russ Colombo
Marco Island

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