Saturday, December 4, 2021

Continuing to Believe in That Beacon of Hope

During the last week or so we seem to have been bombarded with so much negative media coverage; it has begun to really make me nauseous every time I turn on the news, read a paper of look at social media. Now don’t get me wrong, people are entitled to their opinions regarding a wide range of topics and discussions, but some of this stuff has bordered on the ridiculous due to the tone and nastiness of the discussions.

In some places, our cities are burning, criminals are running through the streets without regard to the rule of law, while some are objecting to bringing this under control. We are seeing children lose their lives during this mayhem and media outlets are turning away and failing to tell the American public the truth about what is going on.

It is ironic that some of the officials who are in control of these communities are now looking for the American taxpayer to underwrite the anarchy which they allowed to occur and turned a blind eye to. Even more deplorable is the fact that those who could have stopped it have handicapped law enforcement and told them to stand down. Not only have private businesses and city blocks been burned to the ground, but police and fire vehicles, public buildings and other facilities have also been torched and destroyed, limiting the ability of those brave public servants to assist their citizens.

Some would dare to say that America is the cause of this turmoil, that we have brought it upon ourselves. Legitimate concerns regarding age-old abuses have been highjacked by those that seek to harm our nation, while cloaking themselves behind innocent protestors. Those original legitimate questions may now have been lost due to escalating hate-mongering by radical troublemakers with separate agendas.

I think of the great gifts that the founders of this wonderful nation bestowed upon us when they created the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution which includes the Bill of Rights. These are some of the most revered words ever written by individuals. Those documents themselves have stood the test of time, and although amended over the years the foundational blocks of liberty which these stand as the foundation for continue to be looked upon with awe from around the world.

America has created a great stairway to a better life for its people, allowing them to grab hold of the American dream so many have told us is gone. To ascend out of the darkness and into the light of a better life for them and their families.

My immigrant grandparents were a great example of that, and they dedicated themselves to making America the wonderful nation it is today. Their children, my parents, would go on to protect that dream of a better life when they put on the uniform of this nation and carried our flag into the battlefields of Europe and the South Pacific to fight against tyranny, oppression and dictatorships during World War II. They did so to make this a world that celebrates freedom and liberty for those that would have the courage to seek it.

We are the people which rebuilt those lands scarred by war, not to dominate them, but to lift up those people who had been so badly traumatized by those seeking to oppress and subjugate them under the rule of tyranny.

Time and time again we have answered the call for the sake of humanity and a better future for all, dedicating time, talent and treasure to uplift all peoples, whether it be from the awful hand of tyranny, famine, disasters or sickness.

Americans are the people that have given so much to the world. Our scientists have provided great breakthroughs in medicine, technology and science. We are the nation that spearheaded so many great advances in manufacturing and created the greatest economic engine the world has ever seen. We’ve even put a man on the moon in my lifetime and will shortly embark on visiting planets well beyond that great accomplishment.

My own eyes have witnessed what real poverty is in the world and I am proud that our people have committed themselves to eliminating famine, disease and hunger, not only for our own people, but for our neighbors outside our borders.

I for one am proud of our nation, its accomplishments and its commitment to making this a better life for all our citizens without consideration of race, creed or religion.

Those that would cast aspersions on our democracy should commit as much energy to improving it as they are trying to destroy this miracle of the last 244 years. They would rather take us into the darkness and down the path towards a third-rate nation, whose people will never again rise to their potential and the void may well see the world itself thrown into a terrible malaise, with the consequences we may never recover from.

As I sit here and write this, I ponder the forward-thinking and brilliant minds that brought forth these lines in our Declaration of Independence. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that amongst these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

God gave the human race the ability to “reason.” We are the only creatures on Earth which can do that and I believe it was done for a reason, so that we can work through our differences, that we can recognize the errors of our ways and correct them, no matter how difficult or how long that takes.

It is my belief that America is the conscious of the world and we have been destined for greatness, not only for our own citizens, but to serve as that “Shinning City of the Hill,” as referred to by President Reagan on January 11, 1989 during his last speech in the Oval Office. Reagan quoted John Winthrop as he spoke about America being that “Beacon of Hope.”

I too believe that and hope we can move beyond these dark days.

3 responses to “Continuing to Believe in That Beacon of Hope”

  1. Richard L Jones says:

    Steve, well worth the read and I have decided it to be a Keeper.
    Printed out a copy for myself to read and pass around to some
    friends and family.

  2. Rocco Miscia says:

    Thank you for your insightful article. It brought me hope and inspiration that our nation is truly the “Beacon of Hope!”

  3. Joe Batte says:

    Powerful piece Stef, good work!
    Your inspiring words mirror what is in the hearts &minds of so many of us.
    Thanks for using your pen to remind the few who might need reminding.

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