Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Contemporary Singer Matt Papa Coming to Marco Church

Submitted Photo: Matt Papa.

On October 25th, contemporary singer and songwriter Matt Papa will be singing at Marco Church, 875 W. Elkcam Circle, Marco Island.

Matt Papa, who is the DOVE Awards 2020 nominee for Inspirational Recorded Song and Album of the Year, is a veteran of record deals with nine albums under his belt. “I’m convinced we start ourselves on a magnetic path toward whatever that thing is that mystifies us, scares us, annoys us, and ultimately awaits us.”

Papa, his wife Lauren and their five children currently reside in Atlanta. A Christian music hymn writer and worship leader, Papa said, “When we sing a lyric like ‘Our sins they are many, His mercy is more’ that is a truth for all time, all places and for all generations and it is worth the effort to sing that truth.

“Hymns have an aesthetic density that isn’t present in all of the church’s songs,” continues Papa. “They represent transcendence both as art for our culture and as a part of our sung worship of Jesus. My own focus on the Psalms as laments and the beauty of their emotional honesty brought these songs to life.” 

Papa will lead the singing during the 9 AM service in the fellowship hall and 10:30 AM service in the Worship Center, which will be held in the sanctuary—following social distancing guidelines—as well as live streaming (head to MarcoChurch.com, scroll down to 10.25.2020 service, click arrow either for 10:30 live or if after 11:30, anytime).

For information, call Marco Church at 239-394-8186.

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