Thursday, October 28, 2021

Consumer Spending Habits are an Effective Voice



Food giant Kraft Heinz just announced a $200,000,000 effort to “Grow a Better World,” as part of their global responsibility initiative. According to a press release, Bernardo Hees, Chief Executive Officer, said “…we hold ourselves to a high standard for driving social and environmental change.”

Kraft Heinz has stated the following Palm Oil goals in this new vision statement:

Given its efficiency and versatility, global demand for palm oil has more than doubled in the last ten years, and this exceptional growth has brought economic and employment benefits for millions of palm oil producers. However, it has also elevated unprecedented threats to the forests, wildlife and people in areas where the crop is grown, and we share the industry’s collective concern around these social and environmental risks.

To ensure our purchases



do not contribute to deforestation, loss of biodiversity or social issues such as forced and child labor and human trafficking, Kraft Heinz seeks to procure palm oil products in an ethical, transparent, responsible and sustainable manner. Although we use only a small amount of palm oil globally, we are committed to ensuring that 100 percent of our palm oil is sourced according to responsible and sustainable practices.

We are committed to achieving a traceable and transparent supply chain, and are actively working with our suppliers to achieve traceability on the palm oil we source while ensuring the palm oil used in our products is grown according to the following principles:

• No deforestation

• No destruction of primary, high carbon stock or high conservation value forests

 [/caption] italic”>• No fire use in plan tation operations

• No new develop ment on peat lands regardless of depth

• Best management practices for existing operations on peat

• Compliance with national and local laws and regulations and inter national labor and human rights laws

• Absolutely no forced labor, child labor and/or human trafficking

• Takes place on legally-held land

• Respects land tenure rights

• Meets the Kraft Heinz supplier code of conduct

Kraft Heinz is an active member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and has recently partnered with the Rainforest Alliance – an international nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving biodiversity and ensuring sustainable livelihoods – to support us in the implementation of our sustainable palm oil sourcing policy.

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