Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Consumer Alert



By Coastal Breeze News Staff 

Coastal Breeze News was notified by reader Dr. Bruce Weinstein that mailers, such as the one here, had been sent to some Marco Island residents claiming that the city drinking water could be contaminated, and offering free in-home water testing.

Companies like this may use scare tactics in order to gain access to a consumer’s home, then generate data claiming the homeowner needs their services.

Coastal Breeze News contacted Marco Island Police Chief Al Schettino, who stated that the unsolicited mailer from the privately owned company “contained misleading information and also utilized scare tactics in order to market this company’s services.”

City water is safe to drink. It is continually monitored for turbidity and chlorine, and every two hours it’s monitored for the basic parameters.

Chief Schettino added, “The City of Marco Island Utilities Department would like to assure the residents of Marco Island that the City’s water supply is perfectly safe. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the Water Utilities Department at 239-394-3880.”

Research any company you allow into your home, and seek recommendations from people you trust. Unsolicited offers for free testing or free consultations should be treated with caution.

If Marco Island residents have any concerns regarding suspicious mail or an unsolicited salesperson coming to their home, they should contact the Marco Island Police Department at 239-389-5050.

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