Friday, October 15, 2021

Construction Update on Golden Gate Boulevard Replacement Bridges



Construction started earlier this week on the replacement of the bridge on Golden Gate Boulevard approximately one mile east of Wilson Boulevard across the Golden Gate Main Canal.  Crews have begun the preliminary work to construct a temporary bridge that will be used to maintain traffic during the replacement work for the permanent two-lane bridge. Once the temporary bridge is in place, in approximately one month, traffic will be shifted to the temporary bridge while the old bridge is demolished and rebuilt.

Crews are also preparing the area on Golden Gate Boulevard approximately three miles east of Wilson Boulevard on both sides of the Miller Canal for a temporary bridge that will be put in place after work on the first bridge is completed.  This preparation work is expected to be completed in approximately one month.  The design-build team was able to accelerate construction of the bridges project at both locations by utilizing crews and equipment mobilized now.

The speed limit in the vicinity of the work on the two bridges has been reduced to 35 mph during the construction activities.  Drivers are urged to stay alert and drive with caution.

The Board of County Commissioners in January approved the design-build contract to replace the two bridges.  The construction work on the new bridge over the Golden Gate Main Canal is expected to be completed in the spring of 2013 which will allow for the temporary bridge to then be placed over the Miller Canal.  The new bridge over the Miller Canal is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2013. The design-build team of Thomas Marine Construction, Inc. and American Consulting Engineers of Florida, Inc. is handling the bridge replacements.

To stay informed on any work that could affect your commute, check the Road Alert report which is available on the county’s website at .   To obtain electronic notices, sign up at  The Road Alert report is prepared weekly to inform the traveling public about scheduled road and bridge construction as well as maintenance projects along major roadways in Collier County where lane closures are planned or traffic flow may be affected.

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