Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Construction Begins for Marco Island Academy

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They started at the crack of dawn, and by Monday at 9 AM, the cement pump and the cement trucks that supply it were back on the road and the foundation for Marco Island Academy was poured. 

For MIA Principal Melissa Scott, the construction of the beautiful new school is a bright spot on her schedule. Much of the work that has been completed so far has been done during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Construction got underway in early March when filldirt was brought in and the site was leveled. The footer was poured in mid-March. Since then, workers have been working consistently in preparation for Monday’s pouring of the foundation. 

Melissa Scott appreciated that construction on the academy’s permanent building has carried on throughout the coronavirus pandemic. “For me, it has been one of the few—and best—positives during the pandemicWe are so fortunate that construction has been able to continue throughout this timeThe team involved has remained positive and dedicated to our shared vision of creating this future space for MIA’s students.” 

With students working from home, workers are utilizing more of the campus for cars and stacks of cement blocks. While this is convenient, Scott misses her students. 

“As I am missing my students and staff incredibly,” she said, “it serves as a daily reminder that there are many brighter tomorrows ahead. For the Class of 2020, it serves as a tangible legacy of all they helped us accomplish in their time with us.” 

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