Sunday, October 17, 2021

Concentrating on Christmas Holidays

Dressing up an ordinary table for the holidays. Submitted

Dressing up an ordinary table for the holidays. Submitted

By Xiomara Martinez

WOW, Christmas Holidays!!!! My favorite part of the year and it’s already here.

When properties are on the market for sale during the holidays take advantage of the special feel in the air and set the stage for a successful sell.

Play up the décor to captivate the potential buyer. Add warmth and simple details. As your first impression, use clear Christmas lights inside and out of the home. This will provide elegance and enhances the home’s potential. Add poinsettia to the exterior as they are very popular at this time. But be careful, one or two should be enough to set the Christmas spirit. Hang a simple green wreath to the front door. Inside, arrange only a few sections of the home. If possible, keep the dining table ‘dressed’ throughout the season. Place the tree in a corner or near a window to allow the area to look larger.

But most important, use holiday colors that blend in with and dress up your home colors. Examine your room colors and compare them to your Christmas decorations. Play it safe and use

Accessories make the difference. Submitted

Accessories make the difference. Submitted

less ornaments. Put in storage ornaments with colors that don’t add to the setting. Red is the traditional color of Christmas. Be cautious if you decide to use it when staging your home. Too much red might clash and obstruct your homes better qualities. Your main purpose is to allow the potential buyer to still visualize their own furnishing in your home. Instead, introduce tree branches or fresh greenery from your garden to decorate mantles, entrance tables or armoires.

Try to use at least two of our five senses. By experience, I can assure you that visual and smell senses are the most important. For smell, use natural essential oil like pine, peppermint, cinnamon, or orange. Keep in mind that by nature some essential oils are strong. They should not be heavily diffused. Use the oil in very low quantity or include it in a blend at low proportion. And why not use the hearing sense through the season? Play soft instrumental Christmas music. It will make your buyers feel joyful in your home.

Happy Holidays and Many Blessings to Everyone!!!!

Xiomara Martinez is the Owner of HomeX Décor.

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