Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Comprehensive Plan goes interactive



The City is in the early stages of reviewing its Comprehensive Plan and encourages all citizens and businesses to help out in the process. The Comprehensive Plan (also known as the Growth Management Plan) is the “vision” document for the City. State law requires citizens and City officials to review it every few years, under the guidance of the Planning Board.

The City of Marco Island Community Affairs Department has created a website to make citizen participation in the process easy and convenient. The Planning Board encourages feedback on the current Plan’s goals, objectives and policies. The website will allow registered users to comment on individual policies, and to view the comments of others.

Two of the main objectives of periodic review of the City’s Comprehensive Plan are:
An evaluation of how goals, objectives and policies have worked over the past several years – have they been effective?
An assessment of whether current and future Conditions and Circumstances suggest additions or changes to the Plan – what is your vision for the City?

The information contained on the interactive website is a work in progress…. And that’s the point. The first section, the “Future Land Use Element”, is ready for review and comment. Additional elements will be rolled out periodically. Comments will be conveyed by staff to the Planning Board from time to time. Staff will then further add to the comment section. We expect this on-line conversation to last up to one year.

Note that the text itself is current language from the Plan as last amended in 2007.

Access to this public participation function is through the City’s website, at: www.cityofmarcoisland.com, on the Community Affairs, Comprehensive Plan webpage. Please contact Lina Upham if you have any questions at LUpham@cityofmarcoisland.com.
Visit the link below to read this on our website.

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