Monday, January 17, 2022

Community Scene: Lisa Lang, RN

Many know Lisa Lang as the friend RN for 28 years, “I love changing people’s lives, one patient at a time. If I can help make them a better person, that is meaningful.” In 2007, Lisa decided she had an obligation as a nurse to be a healthy role model. As a result, she began her weight loss journey. Eleven years later, she is maintaining a 162 lb. weight loss. That achievement alone is worth an award, but everyone knows it is Lisa’s compassion which is worthy of recognition. Congratulations Lisa!

2 responses to “Community Scene: Lisa Lang, RN”

  1. Richard Cortright says:


  2. Sue Ellen Hardley says:

    Lisa is one of a kind. Her compassion knows no limits. No person is more deserving of this award!!! Way to go, Lisa!!!

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