Sunday, November 28, 2021

Community Development Director Position Eliminated



In the first of several cost-savings measures Interim City Manager, Dr. James C. Riviere eliminated the position of the Community Development Director currently filled by Steve Olmsted. Economic times call for reconsideration of how the City’s services are provided. The Community Development Director is over the building, code compliance, environmental services, mapping (GIS), planning and zoning areas for the City.

The down turn in building construction starts on Marco Island was a real factor in reviewing cost-savings in the Community Development Department part of the organization. The reduction in the demand for services can not support the same staff size.

Mr. Olmsted’s position will not be filled, saving the City in excess of $126,000. The supervisors for the Department will be reorganized to report to the City Manager at this time. Mr. Olmsted will continue his service for thirty days and receive a three month severance package per his agreement with the City.

The contacts for these  services are:

  • Building Services- Bob Mahr
  • Code Compliance-Eric Wardle
  • Environmental Services-Nancy Richie
  • Mapping (GIS)-Gretchen Baldus
  • Planning and Zoning- Kris Van Lengen.

Any questions about the Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) can be directed to Kris Van Lengen.

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