Sunday, January 16, 2022

Coming to Town!



Donna Fiala

In case you were wondering, Stein Mart, located in the new Tamiami Crossing Shopping Center at US 41E and Collier Boulevard, is working diligently toward an opening date of March 10th. They will be the first and only store opening at that time. The others are already slowly working on their inside construction, but don’t plan on opening until later – probably sometime in May after season. Stein Mart is now hiring. The inside looks great already, as they begin the interior completion such as shelves, mirrors, offices, checkout, and finally, stock. At that rapid pace, most of us will still be in town to check them out! Let’s give them a royal welcoming as we’ve done for the Outback, Carrabba’s, Fresh Market, and Burger Fi. This will be the first retail clothing store (that I know of) in that intersection area, and we’re truly looking forward to their entry! I’ve never been in a Stein Mart, so this will be an experience for me.

*I will be holding my annual Town Hall meeting for Marco Island, Isles of Capri, Goodland and the 951/Collier Boulevard corridor on Wednesday, March 2nd at 5:30 PM at Rose Hall Auditorium, adjoining the Marco Island Historical Museum. We’d love to see a packed room! We will focus on items that involve Collier County facilities and departments, such as transportation, beaches, parks, library, museum, growth management and development, etc. It’s always so interesting to know what is going on around us, and this is a chance to talk directly to Collier County staff. See you then!

*Recently I was elected to the National Association of Counties Committee on Energy, Environment and Land Use in Washington, D.C. I’m not sure how they found me way down here, but I will be representing our area regarding those issues. We do much of the correspondence via conference call, with everyone across the United States joining in. The first time I heard Oklahoma checking in, then Hawaii joining in, then Wyoming joining in, then Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, etc., it actually gave me goose-pimples! We discuss items of national interest in the fields mentioned above. I’m not sure who nominated me, nor who elected me, but our county is happy I’ve been elected to speak for our part of the country.

*At the Kiwanis Car Show on February 14, Tim Gorman of Gorman’s Auto Repair and the founders of the Irish Step Dancing School asked me if WaWa was still coming to the U.S. 41E corridor across from the Outback Steakhouse. (I asked him if he was from Pennsylvania because Pennsylvania folks are avid followers of WaWa, and are very excited about its entrance into Collier County. His answer was “Yes,” but I guess I knew that already!) The answer is a loud and happy “YES!” – but I’m not sure when. WaWa representatives have been in my office, and they are working their way through the county’s Growth Management Division, but they might not want to start building until after season because of all the traffic that might be impacted. I have an email in to them to see when they will begin construction. As soon as I find out, I’ll let you know. By the way, your dancers are spectacular, Gorman parents!

*Please mark your calendars for February 24th at 10 AM to watch the Wildlife Tower Grand Opening at Tigertail Beach Park. This park is particularly known for all the birds that rest and nest on Sand Dollar Island adjoining Tigertail Beach. It is even mentioned in national birding magazines. The Tower will enable you to have a spectacular view of the island and the surrounding area. Please join us in celebrating this grand opening. Everyone is welcome!

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