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Comfort jewelry

White cultured South Sea pearls. Submitted

White cultured South Sea pearls. Submitted

By Richard Alan

Everyone is familiar with comfort food. It’s plain and simple, its warmth and taste makes you feel good and cozy. Maybe I’m wrong but some ladies feel the same way about the jewelry they wear.

No self-respecting woman I know would be caught dead leaving the house, even if it’s a quick trip to the supermarket without her hair or make up looking just right. (Although I have once witnessed the sight of a woman pushing a shopping cart at Publix in curlers, slippers and what sure looked like a bath robe! I love this island!)

There can also be necessary accessories such as earrings, rings and pendants of some sort. My point is women in general are almost always wearing jewelry on their person somewhere either sparsely or extensively and those who don’t and never buy jewelry are far and few, and are not interested in reading this anyway.

There comes a time in most every young lady’s life that jewelry becomes an important accessory to the morning routine of getting ready to face the world…it could be off to school, work or maybe just a golf or tennis match; What to wear?

I firmly believe there are core or basic pieces of jewelry a woman no matter the age shouldn’t be without. From the youngest lady in the family jewelry is always cherished for what it is and especially from whom it was presented.

I’m speaking from experience here… two Grandmothers, a Mom, a lovely wife, two beautiful daughters and a gaggle of nieces.

Not to mention the untold thousands of customers I have served of the female persuasion. Nothing puts a smile on a woman’s face like real gold or silver jewelry! I have been designing and creating jewelry for the whims of women for most of my life, years devoted to making them happy.

Many even cried tears of joy, the end result was many happy husbands and boyfriends. (It’s no wonder I’m exhausted!) Here are in my opinion some of the basic pieces no woman should be without. Simple gold pearl stud earrings: this first nice piece of jewelry my kids received when they pierced their ears, a four or five millimeter pair of round white or black pearls look adorable on a young lady. Fact … newly pierced ears heal faster with real gold earrings: cheap metal earrings can irritate and even cause infection.

Simple huggie style hoops are a main staple in my shop, plain gold or with diamonds or gemstones are available in all sizes. I’ll tread lightly here, years ago a faction of the Un-Pierced protested “my opinions” with a few blistering e-mails. But if it’s true you can say it! I said it once I’ll say it again, those who spend their lives with un-pieced ears miss out on fashion trends and what’s new! Not to mention lots of lost earrings.

The classic gold or silver chain: nothing feels like real gold! A simple chain is the perfect accessory and on suntanned skin, stunning. Add a nice pendant either a pearl drop or simple diamond palm tree and it’s a classy addition.

The Omega necklace has transformed from the wide collar to a thinner width. Even a round thin wire is now popular. A cuff or bangle bracelet: gold or silver designs are unlimited. The simple anklet: Floridians love a touch of gold or silver around the ankle. Add a small sea life charm for a nice touch.

Resort clothing is more casual and men find themselves now interested in neck chains with unusual pendants that display their individual interests such as fishing or boating, I have created gold anchors and propellers and especially Spanish treasure coin frames for numerous enthusiasts. Heavy bracelets in stainless steel or titanium are common for guys on the island.

To each his own, the wearing of fine jewelry is alive and well on Marco Island from simple tastes to the flamboyant.

Richard Alan is a designer /goldsmith and owner of the Harbor Goldsmith and the Richard’s Reef boutiques on Marco Island. While currently in a state of semi-retirement he is available by appointment for the commission of fine pieces for discerning clientele. Richard welcomes your questions about all that glitters 239-394-9275,


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