Friday, January 28, 2022

Come Meet Marco’s Newborn Dolphins

You can see the body creases or

You can see the body creases or “fetal folds” on this newborn dolphin. It is less than 2 weeks old. Photos by Kent Meredith of the Dolphin Explorer

By Coastal Breeze News Staff

Come join Bob McConville of Steppingstone Ecotours/Dolphin Explorer and Coastal Breeze News for two very special evenings at the Rose History Auditorium.

On Tuesday, Oct. 28, from 7-8 PM, McConville will introduce children of all ages to the young dolphin population around Marco Island, at the Rose History Auditorium. The program will take the audience into the world of the bottlenose dolphin where they will meet the newborns of the past three years, spend some time getting to know the new youngsters seen so far in 2014 and then meet the potential moms that may give birth to babies this fall. McConville is

Bob McConville

Bob McConville

covering these topics in his CBN column, “Stepping Stones.” (See “Time to Welcome Marco Island’s Baby Dolphins,” Sept. 5, 2014.)

This unique event is designed for young and old alike, with special involvement for the children in the audience. A “Dolphin Challenge” Booklet will be distributed to the younger participants to follow along and some will be asked to join McConville on stage as part of an interactive program that includes the opportunity to name a real live baby dolphin and win free passes on the Dolphin Express.

Then on Nov. 18, from 7-8 PM, McConville will present “What it is like to be a Dolphin in the

Lama (mom Dolly) takes a giant leap out of the water.

Lama (mom Dolly) takes a giant leap out of the water.

waters around Marco Island.” He will help educate the audience on how to determine the ages of the dolphins they encounter, how to identify dolphins based on body structure and share pictures of dolphins in various groups. Once again, children in the audience will be part of the show and get a chance to illustrate dolphin behavior.

McConville is the owner of Steppingstone Ecotours, an Everglades walking tour with an educational perspective. He is part of the 10,000 Islands Dolphin Survey Team with Dolphin Explorer and a Florida Master Naturalist. As a member of Florida Society for Ethical Ecotourism, his priority is the proper transfer of accurate information to the public.


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