Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Color Your World…endlessly



Richard Alan

Season on Marco Island is in full swing, and I survived another Valentine’s Day rush that required my son and me only a couple of nights burning the midnight oil in the work shop. It was the smoothest, hassle free and profitable Valentine week I can ever remember!

While in the process of investigating and individually interrogating my sales staff I found the reason it was not the normal yearly, chaotic Valentine’s experience… One thing stood out…Endless Jewelry.

I mentioned that I had seen the Endless Jewelry line while in Europe last summer. It was unknown to jewelry lovers in the U.S.A. until its debut this past November.

I was at the dock (instead of the airport for a change!) when the U.S.S. Endless ship arrived, so to speak, and it was an immediate hit in my shop for holiday gift giving in December.

When my salesladies suggested Endless bracelet jewelry to the bewildered guys shopping for their Valentine sweethearts, over 95% of them loved the idea.

It’s a different look that’s high quality, beautifully packaged and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg like diamond and gold jewelry. What’s even better is he won’t have to make himself crazy the next time a birthday or an anniversary comes around. All it takes is a new charm or different colored Endless bracelet to fill the bill and the joy or anguish of shopping for her is short and sweet.

What also makes it very special is I am the only store on Marco Island that is the authorized dealer to carry the line, making my love for Endless jewelry, well…endless.

I wish to remind my readers I am happy to answer any questions about “all that glitters”, in other words, questions that pertain to jewelry, diamonds, gold and such, E-mail me at and I will honestly research the answer to the question if I don’t know the immediate answer.

One such question reached me last week… Wm. K from Naples inquired…

“I am in the market for a diamond tennis bracelet for my wife, it’s our 40th anniversary; I see the prices for a 5 carat bracelet all over the charts, what’s with that, and how do I know I’m getting my money’s worth?”

William, There are several factors that contribute to the cost of a diamond tennis bracelet, especially one with 5 carats of diamonds. One is the weight and quality of the construction of the bracelet itself, flimsy and light weight is not a good start, so a solid hefty bracelet is best. Also the karat gold it’s made of, either 14 karat, 18 karat or platinum will be a big factor of cost. Expect it to be substantial in platinum.

Stay away from promotional specials, they are a waste of money and consist of a cheap lightweight bracelet with diamonds that have the color and clarity of rock salt. If you want to throw away $1000.00 on a piece of junk that won’t last a year without breaking, so be it. And be cautious at these so called “hotel jewelry auctions”. I have yet to see a bracelet procured this way that was not a major rip off.

In the real world a beautifully made 14 karat white gold tennis bracelet with five carats of nice quality diamonds total weight will run you $7,500.00 and up. Drop your standard on quality a little and you may get one for $5,000.00. Spending less than that would be a deplorable gold bracelet, the diamond quality or both.

I have always lived by a high standard of diamond quality; I simply don’t carry deplorable low quality diamonds. But what really can hurt the consumer is paying a high price for low quality diamonds set in the bargain bracelet he has purchased.

So my advice, a nice solid hefty, bracelet will last over 20 years of constant wear, a flimsy light weight one, may survive a year without repairs if you are lucky.

Very important… make sure the bracelet has a sturdy and functional safety clasp!

When looking at the bracelet the diamonds should really be white and sparkle brightly ( G-H color) not just sit there looking lifeless. Do yourself a favor and stay away from brown, gray or yellowish diamonds. Also the diamonds should not be cloudy or full of flaws ( I1 or I2 clarity is poor ). They should be SI1 grade or better yet… VS2 clarity. Don’t be afraid to ask the salesperson the grade of the diamonds in the bracelet. Don’t take A, AA, or AAA for an answer! That’s their in store grading standard which is more or less good, bad or worse.

Another tip…

I prefer diamonds in a white gold bracelet. It makes the diamonds look bigger than they really are and is a classy look on a lady’s wrist. Good luck and happy hunting!


Richard Alan Is a designer/goldsmith and owner of The Harbor Goldsmith for over 20 years on Marco Island and is located at Island Plaza located between Bealls and C.V.S. 239-394-9275

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