Friday, January 21, 2022

Collier Domestic Animal Services To Begin Dogs Program

Collier County Domestic Animals Services (DAS) has begun a new program with its staff and volunteers that will hopefully lead to the adoption of more animals from our kennels.

Dogs Playing Life lets the shelter dogs get outside and play together in groups. While the dogs are playing, staff and volunteers assess each dog to determine how they get along with other dogs, how much energy they have and other factors.

The assessment allows shelter employees and volunteers to be more knowledgeable about the animals when potential adopters come to Collier County DAS and want to know about a particular dog. That, in turn, will help potential adopters make a better decision about whether an animal is right for their family.

For more information about the program, watch our YouTube video here or contact Public Information Coordinator Daniel Christenbury at (239) 252-6956.

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