Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Collier Creek Interim Dredging – Up Next



By Maria Lamb 

It is estimated that 30-40% of Marco Island boat traffic use Collier Creek to access the Gulf and public marina at Smokehouse Bay. According to Collier County Coastal Zone Management file, the inlet was dredged in 2001 and 2012, and in 2005 a terminal jetty was installed.

The Collier Creek Interim Dredging project will start as soon as the Central Beach re-grade is finished. By using the same contractor, Gator Dredging, they estimate a savings of $120,000, which will be split equally between Collier County and Hideaway Beach Tax District.

Gator Dredging will take out about 10-15,000 cubic yards of material, which will be taken and deposited in an underwater borrow area for Big Marco and Collier Creek. Since this project is being done from a barge, it is not expected to interfere with

Submitted Photos

Submitted Photos

turtle nesting season!

Residents of Marco Island have expressed concerns about the safety of boaters navigating through Collier Creek’s entrance and the amount of scouring that is occurring at the Ville de Marco West condominium (VDMW) seawall and docks. As sand migrates east from Hideaway beach, it is over-stopping the terminal jetty and infilling the already narrowing entrance to Collier Creek. Collier Creek meets the Marco River at a right angle and strong currents from the River are creating turbulence along the eastern side of the Creek entrance at VDMW. The interim dredging will stabilize the inlet for a sufficient period of time to allow the proper modeling study to occur and to assure the proper long-term solution.

For more information on the Collier Creek Interim dredging project, contact: Collier County Coastal Zone Management, 239-252-2966 or go to colliergov.net.

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