Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Collier CPR and Safety Training

Daniel Jackson and Gio Campobasso are two firemen/paramedics teaching CPR/AED classes for more than 10 years. That experience brought them to Frank and Heidi Smith. The Smiths owned and operated Collier CPR and Safety Training since 2012 until last November, when Dan and Gio purchased the operation.    

Dan and Gio were friends since they started working together at the North Naples Fire Department in 2015.  Dan said, “We both have a passion for teaching and as our job goes hand-in-hand with cardiac arrests, we both unfortunately know CPR all too well. So, we thought, why not use our experience to help educate? It has just taken off ever since. We love what we do and we make learning a morbid and sometimes boring subject somewhat fun. We take the stuffiness out of learning CPR and AED use. We also sell AEDs, working hand-in-hand with Collier County EMS AED coordinator. We help you implement an AED program, find locations that work well for your AED placement, and help you keep up with expiration dates, maintain and service the unit, ultimately taking the worry out of owning what was once such a feared machine, which was meant to assist in saving a life in sudden cardiac arrest.”

As far as having special training for our business, what they sell and the services Collier CPR and Safety Training offers, they couldn’t possibly be more qualified as firemen/paramedics! Dan commented, “In my opinion, no one does CPR more than first responders, and that is exactly what we both are. We are both firemen/paramedics first and foremost. It just gives us the hands-on experience and the repetition needed to be good at anything. We believe that you truly aren’t good at something until you can teach it. We also believe that to master something, you need the experience and repetition. We do it all. It makes perfect sense.”

It is definitely a firefighter/family owned and operated business. All of the instructors will be from the Fire Department. Aside from the obvious fact that they are our “brothers and sisters,” they know that being a firefighter, they KNOW the material, and have the dedication, work ethic, and integrity to pass it on in a way that provides for a “real life and sensible” approach to this subject. At Collier CPR and Safety Training, they’re trying to teach the physiology behind CPR so the students understand what they’re ultimately doing and why they’re doing it.

Collier CPR and Safety Training is an American Heart Association official Training Site, teaching AHA classes for the general public/layperson as well as the medical professional/healthcare provider. They offer 5-7 pre-scheduled classes at their training center weekly. Private group classes and private offsite events are offered as well. 

Need an AED or accessories?  Collier CPR and Safety Training can take you from start to finish! Daniel said, “We will walk you through the process, answer any questions you may have along the way, and then implement an AED Program including maintenance and staying in compliance.” Contact Gio at 239-537-0495 or Daniel at 561-870-3211.   

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