Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Collier County Supervisor of Elections

On Friday, October 16, the Collier County Supervisor of Elections office will begin mailing new voter information cards to approximately 17,500 voters who will see changes in their polling locations during the 2016 elections. The new precinct and polling location changes will increase the number of precincts in Collier County from 58 to 60 precincts.


  • Precinct 323, which is in Golden Gate City, will be divided into two precincts: Precinct 323, which will remain at the Golden Gate Community Center and Precinct 324, located at Parkway Life Church.


  • Precinct 594, which encompasses both the Ave Maria community and Immokalee, will be divided into two precincts: Precinct 594, which will remain at the Immokalee Community Park and Precinct 593, located at Ave Maria Community Room.


  • A portion of Precinct 303, which is located in the Quail Creek and the Longshore Lake community, will be consolidated to Precinct 310. Affected voters who vote on Election Day will cast their ballot at the North Naples Baptist Church.


Other modifications include changes to the polling locations for the following precincts:


  • Precinct 135 will move from East Naples United Methodist Church to Glades Community Center located at 186 Teryl Rd in Naples.


  • Precinct 257 will move from North Naples United Methodist Church to Covenant Church of Naples located at 6926 Trail Blvd in Naples.


  • Precinct 430 will move from FoxFire Clubhouse to the Salvation Army located at 3170 Estey Ave in Naples.


All of the voters affected by these changes will be mailed new Voter Information Cards. Voters are also encouraged to review their voter information by visiting or calling (239)252-VOTE (8683).


“Collier County is growing and our office is being proactive in addressing growth as voters move into the county or relocate within it. The decision to make these modifications will improve the overall service to all of our voters when they participate in future elections.” – Jennifer J. Edwards, Supervisor of Elections.

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