Monday, December 6, 2021


The Collier County Supervisor of Elections Office received approval from the Department of Justice on its precinct consolidation proposal.  The new precinct and polling site changes will reduce the 94 current precincts with 82 polling sites to 62 precincts and 60 polling sites.  The approved change will be implemented prior to the January 31, 2012 Presidential Preference Primary.
To eliminate any confusion, new voter information cards will be mailed to all registered Collier County voters.  The information card will indicate the voter’s precinct number, polling location and other essential voting information.  Registered voters may also visit<; for information.
The model for voting has significantly changed over the past 10 years.  Fewer and fewer voters are voting on Election Day while Absentee/Mail ballot and Early Voting has steadily increased.  In view of this changing trend, modifying processes will generate greater efficiencies and improve the overall service to all Collier County voters.
According to Jennifer J. Edwards, Supervisor of Elections, “the decision to consolidate precincts concurrent with redistricting, an outcome of the 2010 census, will result in better utilization and more efficient use of resources to all three methods of voting (Absentee/Mail ballot, Early Voting, and Election Day).  Ultimately, this decision will provide a greater quality of service.”
For more information, visit the website at<; or contact the Supervisor of Elections Office at (239) 252-8450.

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