Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Collier County Supervisor of Elections Office Announces Precinct and Polling Location Changes

The Collier County Supervisor of Elections office will begin mailing new voter information cards this week to approximately 40,000 Collier County voters who will see changes to their polling location during the 2020 elections. 

The below changes were made due to rising population growth and to assist in improving voter flow in the precincts. 

  • A part of Precinct 251 has been moved into Precinct 242 
  • A part of Precinct 418 has been moved to Precinct 428 
  • A part of Precinct 551 has been moved to Precinct 552 
  • Parts of Precincts 203 and 258 have been combined to create the new Precinct 204 now located at the First Congregational Church of Naples 
  • Parts of 303 were moved to create the new Precinct 304 located at Peace Lutheran Church 

Additional modifications include changes to the polling locations for the following precincts: 

  • Precinct 222 has moved FROM Bentley Village West Clubhouse TO Bentley Village East Clubhouse located at: 701 Retreat Drive, Naples, Florida, 34110 
  • Precinct 418 has moved FROM Freedom Park TO Quail Run Golf Club located at: 1 Forest Lakes Boulevard, Naples, Florida, 34105 
  • Precinct 477 has moved FROM St. Ann Jubilee Center TO St. Ann Catholic Church Rooney Hall located at: 985 3rd Street S., Naples, Florida, 34102 
  • Precinct 551 has moved FROM Max A. Hasse Jr. Community Park TO St. Agnes Parish Center located at: 7775 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Naples, Florida, 34120 
  • Precinct 552 has moved FROM Cypress Wood Presbyterian Church TO Max A. Hasse Jr. Community Park located at: 3390 Golden Gate Boulevard W., Naples, Florida, 34117 
  • Precinct 590 has moved FROM Living Word Family Church TO Collier County University Extension located at: 14700 Immokalee Road, Naples, Florida, 34120 
  • Precinct 591 has moved FROM Peace Lutheran Church TO Cypress Ward LDS Church located at: 2575 Everglades Boulevard, N., Naples, Florida, 34120 

All voters affected by the above changes will receive a new voter information card. Voters are also encouraged to review their information by visitingwww.CollierVotes.com or by calling 239252-8683. 

“We encourage voters to review their new voter information cards before they vote on Election Day or visit our website where they can look up their assigned precinct.” – Jennifer J. Edwards, Collier County Supervisor of Elections. 

One response to “Collier County Supervisor of Elections Office Announces Precinct and Polling Location Changes”

  1. Paula Pawlowski says:

    I hope these district changes are truly because of population growth and not because the Republicans are doing their gerrymandering to get an advantage in the elections. I am so tired of all this dishonesty and cheating! I would really like to see the electoral college done away with and just have the popular vote count! I want my vote to count!!

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