Wednesday, October 20, 2021


“Collier County Public Library is always looking for ways to cut costs, help the environment and continue to provide quality customer service to our patrons,” says Library Director, Marilyn Matthes. When reviewing our notification process, we found that hundreds of print notifications were returned annually because of incorrect addresses.  In order to reduce staff, postage and printing costs, we started a campaign to update existing patron records. “People move, change phone numbers, or get a new email address and forget to let us know, “says Matthes, making it difficult to contact patrons to pick up reserved materials or when items are overdue.

Effective Monday, July 2, print notices will no longer be sent to library patrons –reserve notification and overdue information will be communicated either by email or telephone. Patrons can use the Collier County Public Library website,  24/7  and access “My Account” to check the status of requested items and get due dates for checked out materials. We encourage all library patrons to review their records with staff the next time they visit the Library.  This will allow us to contact them quickly when necessary.  Going Green is important to a healthy environment and Collier County Public Library looks for ways to help achieve that goal.

Visit or any library for more information.

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