Saturday, December 4, 2021

Collier County Pollution Control Drives to Educate the Community

Keeping Collier County’s waterways and aquifers clean and viable is vital to our community. Collier County Pollution Control has been monitoring the quality of our waterways since 1988.  In an effort to alert the community to the importance of water quality one of the vehicles that the water quality monitoring staff drives has been wrapped with some educational messages (see photos below).  Important messages such as proper fertilizer use and information about reporting pollution are communicated in the wrap.

The majority of Collier County’s drinking water comes from underground aquifers. These aquifers are partially replenished by surface water that filters down through porous soils. Any pollutants that end up on the land surface or in canals and lakes could eventually be found in Collier County’s drinking water supplies.

Please contact Pollution Control via Facebook, Twitter, phone or email to ask questions about the program, how community members can help protect our waterways, report a pollution complaint, or request a speaker for your event, organization, or classroom.  And when you see the newly wrapped vehicle, know that Pollution Control staff are on the job to help keep your water safe.


For more information, contact Pollution Control at,, or 239-252-2502.

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