Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Collier County Parks Go Green With Yellow-Topped Recycling Containers

Collier County’s Solid Waste Management and Parks and Recreation Departments are teaming up to make recycling easier for the recreating public.

A pilot program initiated in September placed recycling containers next to waste containers in Sugden Regional Park, Eagle Lakes Community Park, Cocohatchee River Park, Marco Island’s south beach access, and Immokalee Community Park.

The concrete containers have yellow lids and are clearly marked with a stylized version of the familiar chasing arrows recycling logo. The yellow lids mimic the yellow tops of the recycling containers used in the residential curbside collection program, making them easily recognizable as being for recyclable materials only – no garbage.

The recycling containers in the parks may be used to dispose of the following recyclable materials:

Aluminum and steel/tin food and beverage containers; Clear, green and brown glass bottles and jars; Plastics labeled with numbers 1 through 7; Clean newspaper, catalogs, and magazines; Cardboard and packaging boxes

For more information, call Jodi Walters, Recycling Coordinator, at 239-252-2508.

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