Friday, October 15, 2021

Collier County Hurricane Awareness



By Vincent Giannone

The North Naples Task Force Hurricane Seminar held at 7pm on April 19, 2011 at the Faith Lutheran Church in Naples, was an event that should not have been missed. The seminar covered a wide range of topics about hurricane awareness and preparedness.

The seminar engaged the community of Collier County with valuable information to ensure their preparedness for this year’s hurricane season. According to one source, the ball started rolling on the development of this hurricane seminar due to one question asked by a citizen at a Public Safety Meeting. This person was concerned for the safety of others during a catastrophic event, such as a hurricane. This led to Code Enforcement Inspector Joseph Giannone, an employee of the Collier County Government, to coordinate a hurricane seminar to be held prior to the start of the hurricane season.

Thanks to Pastor Greglown, the seminar was able to find its home at the Faith Lutheran Church and ultimately allowed it to garner the attention of local experts on hurricane awareness and preparedness topics.

The Collier County Boy Scouts Color Guard gave a beautiful introductory ceremony followed by the National Anthem. Master of Ceremonies, Bob Harden of WGUF FM 98.9, introduced



the presenters of the evening.

Greg Pacter of the Collier County EMS, discussed “Issues involving a Hurricane Event.” Kathy Drew of Collier County Animal Control, discussed “Caring for your Pet in case of a Storm Event.” Dan Rodriquez of The Collier County Utilities Department, reviewed “Your responsibility to secure you home.” Master Captain Rob Ralph and Anthony Khawaja described “How to tie down and tend to your boat prior to and after a Hurricane Event.” Haris Domond of Transportation reviewed “Evacuation Routes.”

Collier County CERT Chief Jamie Cuttingham shared the responsibilities of the Community Emergency Response Team in the event of a hurricane. He assured the public that resources are in place to assist if emergencies occur but emphasized personal responsibility when a hurricane threatens our community. Every household should have in place a plan to evacuate if necessary or respond to the instructions of the local authorities.

The attendees of the event ranged from long time Collier County home owners, to residents experiencing their first hurricane season. Collier County Corporal Carmine Marceno, Fire Chief Jerry Sanford, Jamie French of the Growth Management Dept, and Director of the EEOC Dan Sommers were present for the event.

Many thanks to Collier County staff who organized the Hurricane Seminar. Information was precise, pertinent, and helpful in preparing the citizens of Collier County for this year’s Hurricane Season.


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