Saturday, November 27, 2021

Collier Clerk’s Office Seeks Rightful Owners of Millions in Uncashed Checks

Everyone likes to find forgotten money—a $10 bill in the pocket of an old pair of pants, an overlooked $20 tucked inside a pocketbook—but did you know that you might also find money that belongs to you at the Collier Clerk’s Office? Just look for your name on the Clerk’s lists of outstanding checks, and if it’s there, hurry and claim your money.

Collier Clerk Crystal Kinzel wants you to know that lists of outstanding checks held by the Clerk’s Office and the Board of County Commissioners have been compiled and are available for viewing on the Clerk’s website, – Unclaimed Monies. As of June 30th, the combined total was over $8.9 million in outstanding checks payable to individuals and businesses for reasons that include jury duty compensation, court fees and vendor payments. The checks, in various amounts ranging from $1 to over $1 million, were either received by the recipient but never cashed, or were returned by the post office because the addressee moved without providing a forwarding address. 

“This money belongs to our citizens, and we want them to have what is rightfully theirs,” said Clerk Crystal Kinzel. “Whether you are an individual or business, please make sure to look for your name on the unclaimed checks lists and help us by spreading the word to others. We would love to see this money returned to its owners.”

If your name appears and you believe that you have a valid claim to funds, follow the directions to complete the appropriate affidavit. Claimants must sufficiently prove ownership which includes providing a valid government-issued photo identification and a notarized affidavit.

The lists of unclaimed funds, instructions, blank affidavit forms, and a link to unclaimed funds held by the State of Florida ( can be found on the Clerk’s website: – Unclaimed Monies.

For more information, contact Mike Sheffield, Director of Community Relations, at 239-252-6979.

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