Thursday, October 28, 2021

Coleman Hosts Book Presentation




“Marco Island, Florida’s Gulf Playground” author Michael Coleman will speak at the Marco Island Historical Museum, Rose History Auditorium, from 7-8 PM on January 30, 2016.

Coleman’s book, a local bestseller, chronicles the transformation of Marco Island from an alligator-infested swamp to one of America’s top travel destinations. His presentation, “Secrets Shared: The Epic Struggle to Build Marco Island,” occurs exactly 51 years to the day modern Marco Island opened its doors to the world. His talk begins at 7 PM. Book signing follows. Admission is free.

From curses, a kidnapping and buried gold treasure to sun-drenched beaches, savvy global marketing and million dollar mansions on perfectly carved man-made canals, the book delves into the island’s many novel-like twists and turns through present day.

The book has become the number one bestselling item at both the Marco Island Historical Museum gift shop and Sunshine Booksellers’ two Marco Island locations. Over 3,000 copies have sold.

“Marco Island, Florida’s Gulf Playground” is available at various locations island-wide. The book is also available online at:

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