Friday, January 28, 2022

Code Enforcement Unit Improvements


The Marco Island Police Department now manages the Code Enforcement function within the City. In keeping with our community policing model, the Department is making several changes, and would like to brief you on one very important improvement.

In the past, Code Enforcement had a separate telephone number (389-5060) which was answered Monday – Friday during business hours, when code personnel were in their offices. During the evenings, weekends or time periods when code officers were in the field, phone calls were sent to voicemail.

Effective immediately all calls placed to 389-5060 will be automatically routed to the Police Department non-emergency line (389-5050). During weekday business hours, your call will be answered by Marco Island Police Department administrative staff members who will route your call to a Community Service Officer. During weekends or evenings, all code-related calls will now be routed to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center, who will dispatch a Marco Island Police Officer or Community Service Officer. Officers will assess the complaint, document the conditions, and in non-emergent situations forward the information to our Community Service Officers for follow-up as required.

This process accomplishes two goals. First, using priority based dispatch methodology; all calls are answered contemporaneous to the event. Secondly, all calls are now answered by a person who will route your call, versus the former methods of complaint reception during non-business hours via voice-mail.

We believe this strategy improves levels of service as well as satisfaction as it pertains to Code Enforcement call receipt, and is in keeping with the Department’s community policing initiatives. Should you desire to discuss this process or have questions, please feel free to contact Captain Dave Baer or Chief Al Schettino at 389-5050.


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