Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Coastal Comments


Many have wondered what Rebecca Maddox of 360 Market will be building next on Bayshore.  We already know she’s built a very successful restaurant –360 Market- in an old place on Bayshore that sat empty for a few years and needed a lot of work. When she flung open the doors, people were excited to try this new business (this was at the beginning of the regentrification of Bayshore) and they were impressed with the quality of food, the unique menu, and the wine for sale as well.  What was really amazing were the quality of people who came from the other side of the county to sample this new place they heard about, and they keep coming back for more! I might describe it as eclectic. The wine boxes grew, and the prices stayed low for the wine. Their food was indescribable except to say it was delicious, quality products and many selections you don’t find in other restaurants. She also brought forward the now famous Celebration and Food Truck Park! You have to be there to enjoy the experience. Why do I write this?  She will be one of the speakers at the East Naples Civic Association (ENCA) luncheon on May 20, 2021 to be held at The Players Club in Lely Resort. I wrote about the other three in last week’s paper, but I’ll mention them again in case you read this on the morning of the 20th and decide to stop in for lunch with the ENCA at The Players Club in Lely Resort. The other speakers will be Patrick from the Outback Steakhouse on U.S. 41 East, Master Chef Asif from 21 Spices and MaryBeth from Alice Sweetwater’s on Airport Rd, who has been at that location for over 30 years!   But now to tell you, Rebecca Maddox will be building an 18,000 square foot Wine Bar and Wine Club called Maddox across the road from 360 Market.

*Regarding the old Del’s Market, that has been in place for over 50 years, which the CRA now owns and are hiring a Consultant to recommend the highest and best use for that property. It seems everyone is curious about what it will become, but that will have to wait until they hear from the Consultants and get their recommendation, discuss it with the CRA Board of Directors, then it must go before the County Commissioners and hear from the community at large. It is important to hear from the people who live in that area and get their feedback.   There is still quite a process before we know what the final decision will be.   

*Meanwhile, the CRA is still working on the roundabout in front of the Del’s property and hoping it will be ready by the fall. So much going on in that area! It also affects the Naples Botanical Garden, so when it’s complete, you will have a new and vibrant area for the Bayshore community and visitors! Very exciting to see an old and rather dilapidated area become a new and exciting community right before our eyes.    

*I want to thank Penny Taylor, the Commissioner. She is also very happy to see the changes that have been made and the improvement to that community under her watch.   

*Then the Bayshore CRA Gateway Triangle! What a transformation that will be!   It’s been a long and slow process, but now that the huge cell tower has been removed, which has been the sticking point for years, progress will begin. If any of you have been in that area at U. S. 41 East and Davis Boulevard, you can see they have demolished the very old crumbling buildings on that entire property and removed all the debris and progress will begin immediately. You will want to ride over there and see it now, and then continue to watch the transformation! This will be a project that will bring new and vibrant buildings to improve the entire community. We are going to see so many changes to all the businesses along Davis Boulevard, some of which have already begun, to enhance the businesses and housing to that entire area! Fred Pezeshkan and Jerry Starkey are the developers, bringing exciting changes to an area that has been an embarrassment to the community around it for more years than I can count. It’s a MAJOR improvement which will bring more businesses and hotels and condos into their economy! It won’t happen overnight, but they won’t sit around and wait, they will forge ahead with this gorgeous new development! Yes, there were complaints about the height, but once it moves forward, people will be excited about the new changes!      

And finally, I have to share some more happy news: The President of ENCA, Jacob Winge, has married his true love Alexandria Smith recently and we all want to wish them a joyous life together! If the name sounds familiar, Jacob started to run for the County Commissioner seat last year but decided to wait until they got married and settled into their new home. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Winge!  How do you pronounce their last name?   Win…. GEE.  



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