Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Coastal Comments

Coastal Comments

This evening, my girlfriend Shirlee Barcic and I went to Hideaway Beach Sandbar for dinner and boy do they have delicious food, I might add. The Manager, Keith, is unbeatable! He is beyond fantastic! The servers are always friendly and helpful, but I want to tell you about a family that was there! It was like a family in a movie, but they are real! This young couple with six children were already there when we arrived. The children all were friendly and helped each other, and talked with their parents, and helped with the baby. The couple looked as beautiful as movie starsmaybe of old because some of them nowadays don’t look very goodThey were attentive to their children, no one spoke loudly, they all seemed very happy, they all helped each other, and there were no loud noises or running around, no yelling or screaming, just beautiful actions! Shirlee and I could hardly take our eyes of this young couple and their children who I would say ranged from 10 weeks old to about 8 years old. And as I watched, I noticed NO ONE took out a cell phone, no one was preoccupied with anything other than the children, and the children were so well-behaved and happy it made my heart sing. Then as the gentleman and his family were leaving, we stopped them for a little conversation. He said they lived in Chicago but also have a place down hereI am assuming at HideawayWhile they were here someone told us that the gentleman had invented something online and sold it for a ton of money. We learned he was in his early 40s and now retired. He must be quite smart! I think he has found what life is all about: how to live a happy, well-adjusted life and raise the kids the same way. I wished I could follow them around just to observe more. All of the guest’s eyes were fixed on them because it made you so happy just to watch them. I hope Shirlee and I can run into them again before they leave.  

*Before I went to the dinner this evening, I wanted to see how that new development off 951 was coming along. It’s the new housing development abutting Fiddler’s Creek. I drove down Port au Prince Rd to get there. In the last year, Fiddler’s Creek residents worked very hard with the developer to create the kind of community everyone would want to locate in or next to. It’s called Antilles and is conceived as an island resort set off by its own richly landscaped wall of deep green foliage. It will consist of 212 coach and low-rise condominium residences, each with its own garage. Pricing starts in the mid-$400,000. Antilles showcases islandstyle living set back from the general public, noise, and crowded corridors. It is designed to live like a tropical vacation, but without the tourists.  

*On Monday, June 15th, the Marco Island Library, 210 S. Heathwood Drive, reopened with limited hours and limited services! The hours will be Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM, and will offer the following services:  

  • Curbside pickup will be limited to Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 10 AM for our vulnerable patrons or those who would rather no come into the library at this time.  
  • Physical collections will be available for browsing and checkout. 
  • Wi-Fi access, mobile printing and copying will be available. 
  • Limited computers with internet access will be available for 1-hour per person daily. 
  • Library staff will be accessible to provide customer service. 

The South Regional Library at 8065 Lely Cultural Parkway will be open Monday through Wednesday from 10 AM to 6 PM, and Thursday through Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM with curbside pickup limited to Monday through Saturday 9 AM to 10 AM. 

*The East Naples Foundation and E.N. Civic Association and the County are planning a virtual workshop to work with the residents of the area to discuss plans for a Community Development Plan. This effort first started before the Coronavirus came upon us, and now the plan is to schedule meetings to discuss the formation of a plan, and what we want for our community, our corridor, and what we want our visual appearance to look like when we’re finished. There will be a lot of work, but most sections of Collier County already have one! Sometimes the back burner gets pretty full waiting for our turn. 

*I went to lunch with Joanie & Dave Fuller the other day and learned Dave AND Joanie were both artists! I knew they were talented, but had no idea how far that talent went! It seems lots of people in Goodland are artistic! I’ve gone to some of their art shows over the years and watched them at work. For someone like me who has absolutely no talent, it’s really a huge treat! By the wayGoodland shops and restaurants will close shortly for the summer, so make sure to call them before going there to make sure they are still open. Their “Season” has been really poor this year, as have others, so if you have a chance, quickly go see them and buy a beer or soda and say Hi. 

*With a heavy heart and very deep sympathy, I have to tell you that Eddie Mancini of Eurasia has passed away, and Monique has been very ill. Going back a number of years, Eddie worked on Marco Island and was part owner of a restaurant there. Monique was a hairstylist in a Marco boutique. Many, many people from Marco dined at Eurasia regularly, but might not have known that in January the doctor found small cell cancer all over his body. They knew he had no chance. Monique also has cancer, but it looks like she’s doing very well for all she’s been through, and her sons take very good care of her, as does her doctor. I saw her at the Celebration of Life, and there she sat with her positive attitude and a stiff upper lip. Dominic Mancini will be handling the kitchenhe always worked with his father in the kitchenand Enrique will oversee and run the front of the house, and Alfonso will be doing all the paperwork and bookkeeping. Alfonso works at a bank, so he’s fully prepared to do all the paperwork and bookkeeping. So now you know the family is still working together, keeping the restaurant open, and all the employees we’ve all known over the years, are still there as well. God Bless this wonderful family, and ask that God be with Eddie as he ascends into heaven. 

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