Friday, December 3, 2021

Coastal Comments

It feels so empty out there for April, doesn’t it? It also feels so HOT out there for April! Nothing is the same this year. For those of us who are reading this paper right now, we are ready to be able to see each other againdine together, and visit each other. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready, although I must tell you, I’m not bored for a minute! To be perfectly honest with you, or maybe I should say confess to you, I get so involved with the people in my district and I love spending time with them, and that’s been my enjoyment every day. But now we can’t do that at all, and quite frankly I’ve had a lot of stuff at work and at home just waiting for me to give it some attention that I’ve ignored, and being that I’m home all the time now, I’m really digging into some of this stuff, like cleaning out my garage freezer, cleaning out my kitchen freezer, reading material I wanted to read but didn’t have a chance toand in some cases that refers to our own Coastal Breeze column! We have such talented, knowledgeable people writing for this paper, but many times I just don’t have the time to read it, as I mentioned before in another column, so now I’m getting to that stuff and loving every minute of it 

Then there’s the sorting and getting rid of stuff that you think you can never live without but haven’t touched in years, and then the things like your orchidsI always think of Charlette Roman when I think of Orchidsthat you water every week, but don’t give them extra attention, even though they cry out for it. Well, today I start the orchid repotting challenge. My goodness, I don’t know how they lived and bloomed with the lack of attention from me. Today I hauled out five orchid plants that were the worst and began to trythat’s the magic wordto dig them out of their pot, cut back dead stuff around certain areas, trim them so they look healthy again, put them in a nice sterilized pot, sprinkled orchid bark around them, fed them and give them a nice place to live. I could hear some of them saying to the other ones, “What’s she doing? Hey, what’s this? Food you say? What’s that? How come there’s so much room in here now? Oh it feels so comfy already! Oh goodness, she just put water on us too! I like this feeling.” When I walked away from my orchids, I thought I heard one of them saying, “I hope she takes care of my brothers and sisters too!” And to you I’ll say, “Tomorrow I’ll get to five more, and every day after that I’ll do five more until they are all comfy and happy. Meanwhile, I still have a few more things to read, like my backlog of People Magazines when that time comes. But I’m praying we’ll be back to work before I finish all my stuff.  

*Have you noticed how enjoyable it is to read the Coastal Breeze? The reason is because it is loaded with local news and has a positive, optimistic point of view! People always feel good when they read all this news in this wonderful paper, and I tell you, that comment is from my heart because I don’t receive a paycheck for writing, I do it because Val Simon was kind enough to ask me to write, and I’ve received some very kind comments as well. I’ve never written columns for a newspaper before, so I questioned her opinion, but I’ve loved it ever since the first day. I noticed also that another paper is also trying to copy this positive, uplifting writing in one column once a week, but that’s just one column, whereas the Coastal Breeze is full of interesting columns about positive news, or our environment or our schools, or our activities, and on and on. I think that the other paper is trying to copy us! They see a success story here and know it! 

*There is a walking trail open at Sugden Park on the East Trail, which is great for exercise and just passing the time of day. It’s a lovely passive park surrounding a “lake” that is so peaceful, and where a lot of birds gather. When the park is open, there is also fishing and water skiing, also birding and just sitting under a tree and reading, and a special sailing program for those who are handicapped. That program is well known and so needed and loved. If you ever have a chance, go over to see the sailing program once there are back in operation. The Instructor is specially trained to work with the people involved, and she is loved by all! Her heart lies with her “sailors. When it is open, there is also a small beach which is ideal for families with children to enjoy. If you’ve never been to Sugden Park, make it a point to visit and see for yourself. This is a good time to investigate, and after the quarantine is lifted you can watch these different places function so well for families!  

*There is also Eagle Lakes Park which has a tremendous birding program, and a great place to hike, but has been closed temporarily for maintenance. Larry Holman wrote to me saying how much he misses it and hopes it reopens soon, so we are checking to see if we can get that open again quickly. Maybe they could open it for the time being until people can get back to their regular exercising problem, once everything is open again.  

*We see so many things being built right now, which means thankfully there are people still employed! You are probably aware that the building on U.S. 41 E taking place right now is the new Keiser University near the intersection of Lakewood Blvd. and Towne Centre Shopping Center. We’ve all seen the clearing of the land and the construction beginning for the new Keiser University. They are approved for two buildings, one at 40,000 Sq. Ft. and one at 25,000 Sq. Ft.both twostory buildings. They anticipated initially 200 students, but the buildings would allow an expansion to include between 400 – 600 students, and Lo and Behold, I’ve been told they already have 450 students registered to begin when they open their doors. Their programs will mainly center on the medical industry, including nursing, technicians, X-Rays, Lab work, and much more. They have indicated they would like to be open by the end of this year. With the need for medical professionals in these fields, I would imagine this university should be quite busy teaching and training to fill the jobs that are available. As we hear more, we’ll fill you in. 

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