Sunday, December 5, 2021




Donna Fiala

The County Parks & Recreation Department is about to build a Wildlife Observation Tower at Tigertail Beach which will provide the public with an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of this unique habitat, and will include handicap accessibility. Nature-based tourism is a rapidly growing pastime and provides a great economic benefit to the region. In 2006 this area of Tigertail/Sand Dollar Island was selected by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission to become a part of the Great Florida Birding Trail, and was chosen for its excellent bird watching opportunities. The area is nationally and internationally recognized for its shorebird feeding, roosting and nesting area. With the addition of the tower, the County will be creating a tourist destination at Tigertail Beach.

  • The County Parks & Rec. Department is also working with the Coast Guard Auxiliary at Caxambus Park to replace their aging facility. Between last year and this year the County has set aside money in their budget to help construct a new and larger manufactured home. This “new home” will be constructed in a different location on the same Caxambus property – higher and closer to the big tree, so as not to violate the new FEMA rules. They will have larger class rooms and up to date facilities within. The County is so pleased to be a part of this worthwhile project, organized and facilitated by dedicated, devoted volunteers who reach out to help others with boating safety and rescue techniques.   Why not stop by and introduce yourself? You are always welcome! Who knows??? You might even want to become a part of this terrific organization!
  • Another good news item! The Marco Library will be open on Saturdays after October 1st! We have waited a long time and fought hard to make that happen.   It is such a popular library – probably because the staff is so helpful and friendly. The atmosphere makes you feel glad you came and happy to be there. They can also order books from other libraries that the Marco Library might not have in their facility and have them ready for pick-up. Did you know there is a book delivery service for shut-ins? The main library mails out a book to you with a postage paid return envelope so you don’t even have to worry about the trip to return them. Ask your friendly Librarian at the Marco Branch for information on how to begin the process, or call the main library to begin service.
  • You’ve got to hand it to those Capri residents! Along their entry road they have identified large exotic growth taking place and decided to step in and handle the problem! Thanks to resident stalwarts Paul Westberry, Ted Decker, Bob Wallace, Dave Erslend, Patty Meyers, Dave Beatty and Don Beeckman, joined by Dustin Lapolla from Collier County Code Enforcement and Tim Larson from Naples, they filled TWO large 30 yd. dumpsters with Brazilian Pepper cuttings and vines. Waste Management was generous in providing the dumpsters via Keep Collier Beautiful and Bay Days event. Maintaining and expanding the area cleared of Brazilian Pepper is a challenging effort, but that effort enhances and improves the health of the Mangrove Forest. Efforts like this build a solid community, working together for the betterment of all who live within.



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