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Donna Fiala

It’s amazing to me how people with a special talent seem to be attracted to one another, such as a talent in music. It seems musical people are attracted to other people with the same talent, or creative people are attracted to creative counterparts, like Sandy and Jim Johnson, Tara and George O’Neill, Phil Fisher and Natalie Guess, Paul and Eileen Arsenault, and Janice and Dave Wohl. I met Janice at a craft show where she was displaying her creative sewing work: designs on towels, blouses and shirts, names on clothing, special occasion aprons and assorted other sewing feats such as draperies, bedspreads, pillow covers and sports shirts. Meanwhile, her husband Dave creates beautiful pieces of furniture. Both are perfectionists! She creates designs for my country jumpers, to wear in Amish Country and elsewhere-even here. It also seems they all have strong marriages because they encourage one another and can understand the feelings of the other. Being that I don’t have an ounce of creativity in my whole body, I truly admire these marvelous people who are a delight to be friends with! All of them!

How about this for an idea? Why don’t we all make a concerted effort to contact the FDOT and ask them to begin planning to replace the fishing pier we used to have under the Jolley Bridge? It was partially destroyed by a hurricane and then eliminated when the FDOT began work on the second bridge to Marco Island. Many citizens asked the FDOT to reconstruct it, but at that time they said, because of the Great Recession, they had no money to build a new one. I would guess if Marco Island City Government, Collier County Government and all the fishermen and boaters began to write letters to FDOT to ask them to put it in their budget, we might have a successful outcome! What do you think about that idea? Let’s see what we can do…together! There is always a better chance to accomplish something with team work! I’ll start now on my end. Then maybe we can get the Chamber – Tourism – Fishing Clubs? Let’s all work on it together!

Road striping should be taking place in Goodland about now. Streets to be addressed are Goodland Drive, Coconut Avenue, Mango Avenue, Palm Avenue, Pear Tree Avenue, and Harbor Place. Storm water flow drains are being addressed to reduce the potential for flooding and ability to hold water, including detention areas, ditches, canals and maintained lakes. This project includes spraying, cleaning and maintaining, required by inspection. In process is Price Street, Roost Road, Riggs Road, Trinity Road, Trail Acres, Treviso Canal East and West, Lely Manor Canal and Outfall and Beck Boulevard Canal. Our rains are coming very early this year, as you well know, so it is important that these storm water passages are cleared and ready to handle the water coming our way.

Congratulations to Gene Erjavec on becoming a member on the Archeological and Historical Advisory Board for Collier County! Marco Island citizens know Gene and we know he will be a very involved member with great knowledge and experience to lend to this advisory group. I love listening to some of his stories about artifacts he’s discovered. Thank you for wanting to serve, Gene!

There are other county advisory boards that are advertising for members that you might want to know about. To name a few: Conservation Collier Land Acquisition, Consumer Advisory Board, Contractors Licensing Board, Health Facilities Authority, Housing Finance Authority, Isles of Capri Fire Control District Advisory Committee, Black Advisory Board, Public Safety Authority, Value Adjustment Board and Water and Wastewater Authority. There is an explanation for each category, but no room in this column to print all of them. Residents interested in applying for advisory committee positions may easily do so online by filling out an Online Advisory Committee Application at (Select “Advisory Boards” under “Your Government” tab). Residents may also receive a hard copy application by visiting or by calling Wanda Rodriguez at 239-252-8400.

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