Monday, November 29, 2021

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Donna Fiala

Have you been wondering what those piles of dirt are just south of the Dunkin’ Donuts on 951/41? We have too, so I called the County Growth Management Division, who had to do a little research. Staff advised that the lot was cleared under an approved Site Development Plan when the lot was part of the Shoppes of Eagle Creek. Since then the vegetation had re-grown on the lot and the parcel had been removed from the Shoppes of Eagle Creek. The Property Owner had the lot cleared again, both of which constitute a violation. The end result was the owner obtained an “after the fact” Vegetation Removal permit and also applied for an Insubstantial Change to the original Site Development Plan in order for them to be able to complete the clearing and fill the property for future development. To date though, we have not received a building permit application, nor has a pre-application meeting been held, so we do not know what future commercial business will be located there. *May 2nd will be the next Collier County Honor Flight to visit the War Memorials in Washington D.C. for the day. A number of World War II Veterans will be on this flight including our own Decorated WW II Veteran, Phil Ballou and his son, who will escort him. Also on the flight will be the USA ROTC Cadet Sterling Payne, who is being sponsored by the American Legion Post 404, and will escort one of the Veterans. Each Veteran will have an escort. A contingent of Marco Island people, including those from the American Legion Post 404, will be at RSW that evening to welcome the troops home. To learn more about this event and receive updates, check *Isles of Capri held its “Whole Island Closing” picnic at the end of March as people begin to make the long trek back up north for the summer. It’s a wonderful thing when a whole island can get together and celebrate their friendship! And speaking of Isles of Capri: I was invited to a couple’s home, both of whom are artists, and I was in awe of their beautiful work! I love their name: Sunshine! Yup, Donald and Joanna Sunshine! It brightens your day to read their names. *Goodland held another one of its famous Pancake Breakfasts (um, I just love the pancakes and sausages) and it was well attended.

Soon now, many will be gone and the events will come to a slow crawl for those of us who are left for the summer. Of course we have fun wherever we go anyway, so don’t worry about us. Oh – Goodland also had its Spring Fling – another one of those down to earth Goodland events as only Goodland can do. You always see the regular Goodlanders at these events. Always supporting them and always welcoming their guests…………such as Barry Gwinn, Greg Bello, Mike Barbush, Jim Inglis, Tara O’Neill, Joanie Fuller (when she isn’t in Alaska), Linda Van Meter, and so many more. One place I haven’t visited recently is Stan’s. I’d better make it my business to get there in the next couple of weeks! *It appears that the Marco Island Historical Museum is forging a relationship with the Smithsonian! Yes, you read that right. The Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service and the State Humanities council have sponsored their newest exhibit “The Way We Worked”, which will be on display through May 16th. The exhibit explores how work has become a central element in American culture. It traces the many changes that have affected the workforce and work environments over the past 150 years. With less events taking place, this is a great time to visit the Museum and see the exhibit. *By the time you read this, the new Panera Bread should be open for business. They have made amazing strides in building the facility. Just as amazing is the construction of the 951/41 Intersection! It is 6 months ahead of schedule and also under budget. If all goes well and our summer weather doesn’t interrupt the construction, we should be able to use the finished road by September or earlier! *The new Ace Hardware store on U. S. 41 E, next to Perkin’s, has opened and it looks terrific. It’s so much fun to look around new stores, especially when they were here before and now they are upgrading! Enjoy!

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