Sunday, December 5, 2021

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Donna Fiala

Hopefully you had a fun summer with lots of family and friends to enjoy it with. Soon, our season will begin to blossom again, and we’ll be so busy we can’t think straight, so take this time to have fun and relax.

* Alexandra and I are in the planning stages for this coming year’s tours. Just as soon as I get the tours organized and dates arranged, we’ll e-mail our tour list and publish them in this column. The tours fill up rather quickly once we advise everyone, so write Alex at and ask to be added to our tour list now.

* A message from the County Growth Management Division: “At the U.S. 41 East (Tamiami Trail) and Collier Blvd./951 intersection, expect traffic in each direction to be reduced from three lanes to two lanes for approximately four months, weather permitting, as crews continue construction of the U.S. 41 and S.R./C.R. 951 Intersection Capacity Improvement Project. The project limits extend approximately one quarter mile north on Collier Blvd., as well as one quarter mile east and west on U.S. 41 and three miles south on Collier Blvd. to just south of Fiddler’s Creek Parkway. Detour signs are posted to direct pedestrian/bicycle traffic to alternate routes. The speed limit has been reduced to 35 mph in this area during the construction project. Additionally, between Fiddler’s Creek Parkway and Henderson Creek Drive, expect both southbound and northbound traffic to be reduced from two lanes to one lane intermittently for approximately one week excluding Friday and Saturday, OVERNIGHT from 7 PM to 5 AM, weather permitting, as crews continue milling and paving the roadway. Electronic message boards, lighted arrow boards, advance warning signs and barricades are being used to assist motorists.” These crews have done a fantastic job of moving traffic under adverse conditions. Much better than most of us had hoped for! Thanks to everyone who made this happen.

* Many exciting celebrations are being planned for this coming year, so get your pencil sharpened and locate your calendar. You won’t want to miss anything!

* As long as you have your calendar ready now, there will be a special Blessing of our First Responders at San Marco Catholic Church after their 9 AM mass on Sept. 11. I think everyone in the USA remembers what they were doing that morning. How could we ever forget?

* Until then, enjoy your family. Spend time with them. Call them. Love them like crazy. Share time and conversation with your friends. Make sure you are there when they need you. There might be a time when they’re gone, and then it is too late. You are “listening” to the voice of experience, and I wasn’t too late. I hope you are listening.

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