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Donna Fiala

What a gorgeous Marco night for the 4th of July fireworks! The breeze was beautiful; the sky was clear; the air was cool; and not a drop of rain interrupted the event. Friends from Physician’s Regional Marco Clinic Dr. Carlos and Jenny Portu and their two daughters; Dr. James Klein and family; along with Marco Island residents Bonnie and John Geraghty, Joe and Kathy Swaja, Bill and Kathy Walsh, Joyce Pastore, Kira Walthour, and some of the out of state Barcic Clan, and Rob, Opal and Jordan Vann, all got together at Shirlee and Brian Barcic’s to enjoy a perfect night of food, fellowship and fireworks together.

* The Marco Island Center for the Arts seems to be moving along in the right direction, and at a very good pace under the direction of Hyla Crane and the guidance and support of Rosemary Wick (who seems to be there whenever you call). Rosemary excitedly explained how they are moving forward with their plans to grow and work more closely with the community members and groups. She was so proud of their advances. Hyla took me on a little tour to see the activities the children have been involved with this summer. She was thrilled with their progress. Children are so creative, especially when they are young and free to enjoy all the wonders of the world, while their imaginations are still uninterrupted by society. Please stop by to reacquaint yourself with this fine Center for the Arts.

* One of the highlights of this month was the presentation by Craig Woodward at the Marco Island Historical Society-Rose History Auditorium. I had no idea they could pack that many people in that auditorium! And, it was July 1! That means it was out of season, and more than 180 people sat spell-bound enjoying the movies of the way Marco Island looked in the 60s, then the 70s, then the 80s. They giggled

Donna Fiala

Donna Fiala

when they recognized some of the Marco Old Timers who are still here, and some who were even in the audience! (Laurie Wagor – you are just as cute now as you were then!) The dress was more formal in those days. The houses much smaller. The beaches had fewer visitors. But even then, everyone knew they were in Paradise! After the movies, Craig explained to the huge audience all the plans in place as Marco Island plans for their 50th anniversary, and the Museum plans for its 20th anniversary. This coming year should be even better than the last few years, with more celebrations than we’ve ever had, plus the museum will be adding new exhibits and decorations. This is an exciting time to join the Historical Society in case you’ve been meaning to and haven’t gotten around to it. NOW is the time! Become a part of the family. It’s so much fun to feel like you belong!

* The traffic is still moving smoothly through that huge intersection improvement project at 951/41. It is amazing how well coordinated this construction is proceeding. There was a lot of pre-planning that must have taken place to have the Sheriff’s office available at night and while they work on the weekends to guide the passage and eliminate accidents. Usually I am one of the first ones to hear any complaints, but I haven’t heard of any problems to date. And when you think about it, there are three projects all proceeding simultaneously – the intersection itself, the widening of U.S. 41 E to 6 lanes, and the resurfacing of SR 951 through Fiddler’s Creek. Amazing, just amazing! And this is one of the busiest “out of seasons” I can remember! There are still lots of business and shoppers, lots of people eating out, lots of cars, and lots of fun. So now, go and enjoy our wonderful part of this world this summer!


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