Wednesday, January 19, 2022




Donna Fiala

Last week, during a meeting with people from the fuel industry, I questioned whether all this oil that everyone seems to be drilling for is sent out of the country for other counties to use. They said something about sending the Florida oil to refineries. “That wasn’t the question,” I stated. “Does it stay here, or is it sent to foreign countries?” They said it all stays here. I felt a little uneasy about their answer because I’ve heard just the opposite, but took them at their word.

My question now is: We continue to hear about all the horrible deaths and destruction in the oil countries in the Middle East, and then OUR fuel prices go up! Now I ask you, why is that if we do not buy from other countries? If the oil in the USA is enough to supply our country for 20 years, why are we paying higher prices because of problems in the oil countries? And, why are we told not to buy at certain gasoline stations because they sell foreign oil from countries we do not want to support if we supply our own oil? Something smells very much like…an oily answer. We all know it is about the almighty dollar — nothing more — and we receive very distorted information, depending on what the question is.

* Lely High School has again been dynamic this school year! They are an “A” school once again, plus three Golden Apple teachers! They are offering a combination of high school and college classes, and the students are excelling! Being that they were always considered one of “those schools,” it makes me proud to see the outstanding education these fine young students are receiving and overcoming how others view them. These young people tell me they feel like a FAMILY at Lely.

* After a little visit recently to the Marco Island History Museum, I came away totally impressed. There were so many people just lingering around, reading the information, looking in the gift shop, going back in history. It was June, when the winter guests and tourist had gone back up north, and there must have been at least 20 cars in the parking lot — and during the day no less! Impressive indeed!

The new Curator of Collections Austin Bell is doing a tremendous job of getting the collections in order and preparing for the 50th anniversary celebration of Marco Island. The volunteers were all so pleasant, helpful and very proud of their little piece of history. Next week, July 1, Craig Woodward will be presenting a lecture on our history. When he talks, you feel like you are walking hand-in-hand with him back in time. The presentation begins at 7 PM in the Rose Auditorium, adjacent to MIHM. Please come and join us! They even serve a little refreshment in case you might feel parched.

  • Last week, Lou and Linda Van Meter took me for a boat ride on their skiff to see the islands around Goodland and the surrounding area. We watched the shore birds resting and nesting — what a beautiful sight. The areas were all blocked off, and all in the areas were respectful of those yellow tapes. Lou pointed out different fish and a Manatee; we saw the “Dome Houses” with clusters of people around them fishing, investigating and just enjoying a family day together. We sat quietly on the beach and watched the water. How often do any of us take the time to just sit back, relax and enjoy Mother Nature? Thanks to Lou and Linda, I did!

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