Thursday, October 28, 2021




Donna Fiala

My friend (a friend to all of us, actually) Arlene Coff, mentioned the other day at the Marco Island Kiwanis Club’s Stone Crab Claw Dinner that she had a great idea for the old K-Mart store. So many people hope something moves in there soon, so I was eager to hear her idea. She said “A Bowling Alley”! What a great idea! There is no place around this end of the county to bowl, and lots of people miss it. So – to that special someone out there who is enterprising and looking for a way to invest or even start a new business, here is a great idea! Thanks, Arlene. I hope some idea person grabs on to this and runs with it! Maybe they could even add a Dairy Queen on another parcel while they’re thinking of businesses.

Speaking of great ideas – how many of you have seen all the additions to our wonderful Museum? Oh you have to go! There are always new exhibits and new things happening.

On that next rainy day, or boring day, or just a day to yourself, why not stop by and talk with the friendly volunteers, look at the new exhibits and additions to the Caloosa Room, shop in the gift shop, and just take some time out for yourself, and maybe your child or grandchild as well. You’ll be glad you did.

Tara O’Neill recently held her Annual Art Extravaganza at the Little Bar in Goodland, and I’m told they had the largest attendance they’ve ever had! Congratulations Tara! We/they all love you.

Hopefully, you all know the new location for Erin’s Isle. Brothers Mike & John Ward opened the doors to their new restaurant called Erin’s Isle (hmmm, that sounds similar) at the Hibiscus Golf Club, and haven’t had a down time since then! I guess when you have great people running a great restaurant with outstanding prices, a terrific wait staff and down home food; you can do nothing but succeed. They make each and every customer feel welcome. I hope you’ve stopped by already.

Just a little heads up – they’re working diligently on the construction of the Fresh Market.

Very special congratulations go to Opal Vann, employee of the month, who works at the Marco Island Library. Her fellow employees nominated her, and that says a lot! Especially when each and every one of them is so friendly and helpful themselves.

A little insider compliment: My Island’s Advisory Committee, and its chair, Shirlee Barcic, can sure keep a secret! You could have knocked my socks off! Thanks so much for all you do for all of us on the Islands, and especially for your help and support. You are my sounding board, my advisory board, my knowledge…………and my friends.

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