Monday, October 25, 2021




Donna Fiala

Well Folks, our winter residents are going home, and that means so is our marvelous volunteer work force; the backbone of our community. Now is the time for all those who have been wanting to try their hand at helping out to think about places they would love to serve. Of course, there is the library and the museum, really fun places to work. And now we have a new pick awaiting us: The Physicians Regional Marco Island Walk-In Clinic in the Shops of Marco on San Marco Road. My friend Shirlee already volunteers there and has found it more rewarding than anything she has done in recent years. The volunteers greet people, comfort them, listen to them, help them fill out papers, possibly get them coffee and just generally help them feel at ease while they are dealing with a health concern. When the volunteers go home after their shift, they feel so satisfied inside that they have helped others who needed them! For any questions or to volunteer, please call Shirlee Barcic at 293-2934. She’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

*Have you ever heard of Graeter’s Ice Cream? If you come from Cincinnati, then of course you have, but a while back I read something in the newspaper about them selling ice cream in our county. The article only mentioned one store, but recently I found that many more flavors are featured at the Winn Dixie on Marco!  It will also be carried at Fresh Market when they open in the Fall. Since I found out that I can find a nice assortment at Winn Dixie, they have found a new customer. I don’t mean to promote one store over another, but I wanted you to know you can find Graeter’s there. One problem though – once you try that ice cream, which is only sold in pints, you’ll get hooked – so beware. Yum, it’s so delicious!

*You might have heard, but it’s worth repeating: Collier County ranks as the third healthiest county in Florida of all 67 counties! In fact, since the state started ranking this subject four years ago, Collier has ranked in the top four every year!  And that is another good reason to live here, as if we didn’t have enough just by living in paradise.

*At Kiwanis Club, we recently had a speaker from Parkside Elementary School located in Naples Manor. They told us of the challenges and accomplishments they have made and also mentioned a “Wish List” in case any club or community wanted to take on a project of special meaning. They mentioned: 1.) Motivational T-shirts that would be used to reward students for achievement or participation in school activities such as reading or student-led conferences with their parents.  Amount needed would be $500 per grade level or $3,000 for the entire school. 2.) Spring Fling Family Fun Night, to be held during the first week in May, where students and families enjoy fun activities, food and crafts together. Amount could be any donation toward crafts and food, from $100 to $1,000. 3.) Positive Behavior Support, where students can earn positive recognition for behavior, attitude and effort, including Student of the Week, Super Student Awards, Class Compliment Program and Daily Check-in Plans. The school hopes to use the dollars to provide treats and rewards for the recipients to encourage them to serve as role models for other students. Any donation toward prizes and treats from $100 and up would be greatly appreciated. 4.) Parkside After School Academies – a pilot program for after school enrichment programs to enhance and broaden student learning, focusing on engineering, Environment and journalism. Each Academy would need about $15,000. These children come from less fortunate families and the school PTO cannot raise any dollars from these low income families, so every dollar is very important to help these students become vibrant members of our community as they grow up.

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