Thursday, October 28, 2021




Donna Fiala


Not many of you know that I conduct tours every year of county facilities. We’ve seen places like the landfill, a waste water treatment plant, a water treatment plant, the Jail, Museums, Botanical Garden, the Emergency Operations Center, etc. Well, I’m beginning to plan for this year’s tours and wondered if anyone on Marco would be interested in going. In the past I’ve had a few Marco Islanders join me, so just maybe this year I’ll again have some people interested in learning a little about the inner workings of the county. I am now asking for any suggestions of places people have missed or wanted to see. (I will also ask in my column for the Collier Citizen, so don’t be surprised if you happen to see that paper). I was thinking possibly of the Zoo because taxpayers helped buy it and some have never been to the Zoo. I never mind going back to a place we’ve seen before because so many didn’t know about it the first time and mentioned they would like to attend. Please write with any suggestions of places you’d like to see.

Did you know a new restaurant will be opening in Port of the Islands? From what I’ve learned, “The Catch” will have a soft opening on October 16th, with the grand opening of “The Catch” on Saturday, October 20th. Their menu is a delightful mixture of fresh seafood, southern comfort foods and upscale classics, serving from Noon till 9PM Tuesday through Sunday, with the bar remaining open till 10PM. They will be adding specialty nights like Fresh Catch Buffet night and Fish Fry Fridays starting in November. The restaurant is located in the newly refurbished Restaurant at the Port of the Islands Everglades Adventure Resort. How many of you remember the marvelous restaurant that was there? I’m thrilled that a restaurant will again be at this location. Starting November 11th, fabulous Sunday Brunches will be added. They will also be serving a Thanksgiving dinner from 12 to 7 on November 22nd. As Jeanie Kungle put it in her “Port News,” “great food, gracious, friendly, upbeat customer service, NFL Package on large screen TV’s. Bring a friend or make a friend. Come by boat, by car or by bike, but Get Caught at The Catch.” Like them on Facebook at ‘The CatchPOI.’ The owners were quoted as saying, “we are a strong group of hospitality professionals coming together to bring the ‘Grand Dame’ of the Everglades back to life.” I can hardly wait to try it.

November 17th will feature the Collier County Household Hazardous Waste Round-Up 2012 from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM. The location nearest to us is the Marco Island Recycling Drop-off Center. This event is held twice a year and is a time to bring all that “stuff” that you want to clean out of your garage like batteries, fluorescent lights, paint cans, oil, grease, etc. They will also be offering free shredding of papers and a “medicine cabinet,” where you can dispose of your outdated medicines safely. Mark your calendars now!

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