Saturday, October 23, 2021




Donna Fiala

It’s summer and, although there has been a little rain on the other side of the bridge, Marco Island hasn’t seen much of it. In talking with Bryan Hauser, he said there have been 13 days without rain until August 4th, and Bryan would know.

On the other side of that bridge there is more than rain! There are a couple of restaurants you might want to try during our quiet summer without a very long wait. One of them is Cracklin’ Jack’s on 951/Collier Blvd. near the intersection of Rattlesnake Hammock Rd. This wonderful place has great food served in a down-home family style manner! If you haven’t been there, try it. You’ll be delighted you did. They even have Gator Bites! The food is always delicious, and the atmosphere is fun. They serve beer but no hard liquor, and they take all types of credit cards.

Has anyone tried the new Sam Sneads Tavern in Lely Resort? If you haven’t, then treat yourself! It’s so nice to eat at a restaurant named after a great golfer, and look out the window and enjoy a beautiful golf course view! The servers are ever so friendly and helpful, and just wait ‘til you taste the crab cakes! Umm, yum. Their fish and chips are luscious, so if you like beer battered cod, this is the place. And their hamburgers are some of the best I’ve ever tasted. The prices are reasonable, as well. You’d better try it before the Winter Residents get back. You’ll never be able to get in then. Oh, by the way, they have a very nice bar area set apart from the restaurant, so you might just want to stop in and enjoy a little afternoon drink. It is located on Grand Lely Drive in front of the Mustang golf course. You can’t miss it if you turn off U.S.41E at the Horses, and stay on that road until you see the sign on the right.

The Primary Election is almost upon us. Whew…………I can hardly wait until it is over. A lot is at stake with this election, so please don’t forget to vote. We’re counting on you!

I’d just like to mention a few very special people whom I think the world of! I won’t tell you why, but they have my devoted admiration for all they do for others! I wish I could mention everyone, but I cannot close without mentioning Father Tim, Joe Grande, Dick Shanahan, Barb and Lou Prigge, Bill Howey, Jack Patterson, Shirlee Barcic, Keith Dameron, Carole Roberts, Bryan and Rondi Hauser, Joe Swaja, Monte Lazarus, Ann and Eddie Hall, Sally and Lowell Lam, Craig and Bonnie Woodward, and so many more. I really wanted to let these people know how much I appreciate all they do, and let others know they are very special and very wonderful people!

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