Sunday, January 16, 2022

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Some times we take our garbage and recycling collection for granted. Seldom do we even think about the issue unless the pickup isn’t made on time. Here are a few facts that you might not be aware of: Marco Island is part of the County’s Solid Waste Collection program, and as such, your current cost for the level of service you receive ? twice weekly garbage collection; once weekly recycling collection; once weekly yard waste collection; on-demand collection of bulky items such as appliances, furniture, batteries, etc., and on-demand collection of electronics ? is $171.26 per year.

The current cost for this same service in the City of Naples is $244.86. In Lee County, where they receive once-a-week garbage collection, the cost is $234.39 per year, in Pinellas it is $317.04, and in Broward it is $502.00. We’ve got quite a bargain, if you ask me!

The Solid Waste Department investigated the possibility of reducing the cost further by dropping the level of service to once per week garbage pickup, but found you MAY save $8 per year per household. They also found that reducing the collection of garbage frequency could result in additional fees due to the increase in volumes per load. The additional fees associated with the pickups would offset any savings.

If you have any questions regarding your garbage pickup, please call 252-2508, and a friendly person will assist you. This department is so nice to work with. I just took a tour of the landfill last week and was totally impressed!  Can you believe we drove around the inside of the landfill and there were no odors?

Speaking of Solid Waste, I hope many Marco Islanders have visited the recycling center on Marco to deliver fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, paint cans, electronics, etc. If you’ve driven in, you’ve met Ralph McKeller, because he greets you at “his front door.” This man always has a kind word for his “visitors.” He treats everyone as though it was his home and he is welcoming you in for a visit. Have you ever been inside his office? When I tell you that you could eat off the floor it is so clean in there, I’m not exaggerating one bit! I don’t think I can keep my home as clean as he keeps his office!

Let me give you a few facts about recycling: Collier County has achieved an overall 37% recycling rate. Broken down into categories, that means the county has achieved an 80% recycling rate for residential single-family homes, a 9% for multi-family, and a 26% recycling rate for the commercial sector. The Florida Legislature’s House Bill 7243 requires a 40% overall recycling rate by December 31, 2012, and the County’s Solid Waste Department is well on the way to achieving that goal.

Waste Management Inc. recently rolled out a “single stream” commercial dumpster program to increase recycling in both the multi-family and commercial sectors. To explain single stream ? that is the service we presently have in our single-family homes by using the large garbage cans with the yellow lids. We can put all of our cans, glass, plastic bottles, newspaper, and cardboard in one container (single stream recycling) for collection.

There now…don’t you feel like you’ve just been to garbage collection school?

I hope you are having a wonderful summer!

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