Friday, January 21, 2022







By Donna Fiala

Shirlee and Brian Barcic report that they went to the new, upgraded and upscale Sam Snead’s Tavern located in Lely Resort! They were so impressed with the service, the atmosphere, the cleanliness, the prices and the great food that they will invite their friends to go with them the next time. They tell me the Creamed Mushroom and Spinach soup was just fantastic, but they only serve it on Monday, I guess. They have different home-made soups every day of the week, so call ahead to ask what their soup of the day is. Shirlee said their hamburgers are out of this world! Brian is a seafood lover and he was surprised at the many choices he had. The Crab Cakes sounded particularly special. And can you imagine your own individual Ghirardelli Chocolate Cake with a huge scoop of ice cream along the side? Oh YUMMM. There were also other selections for dessert, but Brian stopped there.

Let’s see – right in that area there is Erin’s Isle (wonderful Mike Ward – that guy continues to give of himself and his restaurant whenever asked), and Carrabba’s – which is always crowded, winter or summer, and the outstanding Eurasia Restaurant where I continue to see Marco people all the time. Things are beginning to improve in east Naples! Just consider Fiddler’s Creek building again, Copper Cove selling regularly, and Treviso Bay doing very well under the new ownership of Lennar Homes. The fabulous Lely Resort and Verona Walk have always attracted home buyers along with Reflection Lakes. New communities are moving forward, Sabal Bay and Hacienda Lakes, with an expected announcement about a new plan from another developer, it really looks like that part of town is coming alive with good things, and we all benefit!

What a pleasure it was to assist your most wonderful principal, Jory Westbury, a short time ago! How I wish I could have stayed longer, but I loved every minute of being there. These young people looked so eager to learn, so happy with life and with their school. I wish you could have seen their happy faces. They were beautiful. Let me just say the whole school looked like a page out of a book of “Happy to Learn”. The teachers were kind and caring, the janitorial staff couldn’t have been friendlier, and the parents coming and going looked very proud that their children were at this terrific school. Remember though, it all starts at the top! Hats off to Jory Westbury! ! ! It all starts there.

Well folks, it’s that time of year again. Yup, you get treated to my little lecture on hurricane preparedness on a personal basis. Every year I tell you to start preparing, whether we need it or not, just don’t get caught at the last minute without any supplies. I always clean and bleach my nine, five-gallon water jugs, then fill them with fresh water to use in case we have a major storm and we have no water for five days (Remember Wilma!) Next I buy six gallons of drinking water to keep on hand, and buy new batteries in the sizes I need for my radio and flashlights. I set the flashlights in a prominent place, and the batteries right along with them. Set a few candles with matches or a lighter in convenient rooms, just in case.

I shop for non-perishable foods like tuna fish, peanut butter, mac & cheese in a box, etc. Then it’s time for my son to come over and fire up the generator to make sure it runs well. I fill my gasoline containers with fuel for my car and for the generator, and store the containers on my back porch so the fumes don’t permeate the garage. I pull one or two of my storm shutters closed – the hardest ones to manage – so the hard work is done and it keeps my house a little cooler during the summer. Keeps my air conditioning bill a little lower, too.

I put the hurricane preparedness booklets by the flashlights and batteries so everything is in one place. It makes me feel so much better to know I am prepared. When summer is over and there are no storms, we eat the food, use the batteries for Christmas villages and such, use the six gallons of water to make coffee, and pour the nine, five-gallon jugs in the pool during dry season, and of course put the gasoline in the car. There now! Everything is recycled, and I feel better that I was prepared.

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