Thursday, October 21, 2021




Donna Fiala

Last week, invited guests were treated to a ribbon cutting for a new, wonderful addition to our community and The Conservancy – the “von Arx Wildlife Clinic.” I’m sure you have seen the pictures in the local news featuring injured animals brought to The Conservancy, carefully and lovingly brought back to good health, and in most cases released back into the wild. A number of us were invited to see the conditions they are working under right now until the Clinic has its actual grand opening. Thank heavens there are benefactors in our community who see a great need and answer the calling. A huge thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Dolph von Arx, and the other philanthropists who have donated funds to build the facility, the surgery clinic, the offices and recovery rooms, specialty cages and other items. It was heart-warming and impressive. And so are the volunteers! They were everywhere and lovin’ every minute of showing us around while caring for the tiny animals as well as the larger ones.

Bob Wilcox loves Trish Wilcox! It’s no secret, that’s for sure. His love really shined on her when he threw a surprise birthday party for her at their clubhouse with food, cake and all the trimmings, and about 80 of their good friends. Nice job Bob! And Trish……………you looked radiant! Happy Birthday.

That Caxambas Republican Club must be the envy of all the political clubs in the area, thanks to Litha Berger and her dedicated team of volunteers. They are devoted and united in their efforts. The club grew quickly, they meet regularly with wonderful speakers, and also get together for After 5’s in between. Keep up the great work, Litha!

Eagle Creek residents and I are working together with the common goal of reducing a 21 foot wall in front of their property. The state plans to build a sound wall to reduce the noise of the soon-to-be expansion and reconfiguration of the 951/U.S.41 E intersection. The residents were shown a picture of what a 21 foot wall would look like in comparison to a person standing in front of it. It almost looks like a prison wall! Right now they have a lovely entry feature with gorgeous landscaping and they want to keep the ambiance that this beautiful entry feature creates. They are encouraging the state to build a berm on land they will donate and landscaping that they will then maintain, with a shorter wall for a total of 14 feet. The residents, the county transportation department, and the state’s FDOT are all working so well together that it appears it will work out to be a win/win conclusion. We’ll continue to watch its movements until the final, and positive outcome presents itself. Meanwhile, thanks are in order to Jay Ahmad, Nick Casselanguida and Marlene Maxim.

Oh, and by the way………we are all opposed to an overpass at that intersection, and we might need your help to encourage the state to take the dollars they would use at 951/U.S. 41 for an overpass and dedicate it instead to the much needed overpass at Davis Blvd./951 at I-75 exit 101. This is where the overpass is truly needed!

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