Thursday, December 2, 2021




Donna Fiala

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful, loving time of the year. It is the busiest season of all for the airlines, according to their ticket agents, and you could tell by the crowds of people heading to the airport at 5:00 in the morning!! How great that families want to be together to celebrate Thanksgiving! Hopefully each of you was able to be with family for this special holiday, and give hugs and kisses to your loved ones. My family mostly lives right here, but on this particular Thanksgiving all family members came to town and were pulling together with family support as my children’s father was spending his last days at Vitas Hospice in Physician’s Regional/ Collier Blvd.

Ted Fiala passed away the next morning after Thanksgiving and we were thankful we could all be there for him in his last days. The hospital/hospice was everything you could ever wish for in caring, cleanliness, understanding, and warmth. God Bless them for all they do to help the family through those last days, and make the patient as comfortable as they can. Thank you Father Tim for performing the Memorial Service. You are always there for your people when they need you the most. Bless You!

The ribbon cutting for the Jolley Bridge was just that! A happy, Jolley occasion and a Jolley family member was there to celebrate with us. Every time I travel over that bridge I remember how the Marco Islanders rallied together to ask the State to change the bridge abutment from a solid wall to a more open abutment where residents, visitors and friends can drink in the beauty of Marco Island as they approach. Here, the leader of the pack who gets my accolades is Keith Dameron! It was he who identified the problem, and from there we all worked together to a great conclusion. And of course, every time I drive over that bridge I think of Mike Minozzi who never let up on his encouragement to build that bridge! It was so nice having Lynn Minozzi with us to help cut the ribbon.

On Sunday, Dec. 4th the Marco Island Chamber of Commerce will hold its 24th Annual Christmas Gala where they spotlight the great works of residents who go above and beyond in their support of all that is good on Marco Island. It must really be tough for the judges to decide who to give the awards to, with SO MANY worthwhile candidates who are always there for all of us! I can hardly wait to hear who this year’s awards go to! See you there!

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