Friday, December 3, 2021


Donna Fiala

Donna Fiala

Donna Fiala 

The Marco Island Kiwanis is again focused on helping children on our Island and others nearby. They have been collecting used printer cartridges all year and getting points from Staples Office Supplies to buy supplies for school aged youth whose families cannot afford to buy them at this time, what with the down-economy and the jobless rate. For the young people receiving these school supplies (and for the teachers as well who might try to buy them with their own money, as my granddaughter/teacher does) it is a true blessing. It helps them to get a good foothold into their new school year. Thanks so much to all these wonderful Kiwanis members who have helped make this possible, especially Donna Niemczyk who coordinated the effort and did the buying and distributing. If you know a Kiwanis member – give them a hug! I would love to mention all the members who do so very much, but there isn’t enough room in this column.

Some people have asked if there would be a launch fee and parking fee for the new Kayak/Canoe Park at the entrance to Isles of Capri on 951. The launch fee will be the same (at this time – it might change downward, but for now…………) as the launch fee at all the boater and kayak parks in the county, which is $8.00. There will be no parking fee. I hope you’ve been able to stop as you drive by to see how they are coming along with the construction. It’s lookin’ good!

Starting in September my office hours on Marco Island will again be each Thursday (unless there is a scheduled commission meeting I must attend) from 9AM till at least noon, but could be later. Remember – my office is on Winterberry in the Tax Collectors Office. It’s always a good idea to call my office at 252-8097 to make an appointment, as sometimes three people show up at the same time. I love the company, but dislike asking people to wait. By the way, my aide, Sue, has taken a promotion to the Public Utilities Department at the County. My new aide, Alexandra Scardino, is looking forward to meeting and/or communicating with all my Island friends. She is quite amazing, as you will soon find out. We call her Alex, and she will be there to answer the phone and catch the e-mails while I’m in meetings or attending functions so they receive a quick response.

Redistricting is well on its way to discussion and voting. Just so you know……I do NOT want to lose Marco Island in District One and will do all I can to protect that position! We know each other, we know each other’s needs, and we work so well together! I want to keep it that way. Hopefully I get at least two other votes with me to support that motion.

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