Saturday, October 16, 2021


Donna Fiala and Barb Prigge. Submitted

Donna Fiala and Barb Prigge. Submitted

By Donna Fiala

Recently I read a report that said “Collier County residents have the highest life expectancy in Florida and the fourth highest life expectancy in the United States”! Now THAT’s a good news item!

Has anyone driven by Treviso Bay on a weekend recently and noticed the signs that say OPEN in big letters? A very encouraging sign indeed. We’ve all been wondering how they were going.

The Kiwanis/Rotary Marco Seafood Festival held recently was a smashing success. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of Kiwanis and Rotary working side by side on a fundraising project in the past, but all the volunteers seemed to really enjoy the camaraderie these last few  years. Of course you always have people who work like workhorses, and they seem to be at every worthwhile event to help others. I would love to list them all, like Dennis & Joan, Stan & Donna, Bryan & Rondi, Lou & Barb, Don & D but there are so many that I’m sure I’ll forget too many of them, and many times I can’t spell their last names, so I’d better just say it was a wonderfully successful event with three clubs of truly caring people and leave it at that.

How many of you remember Jack Su’s restaurant in East Naples called South Seas? I was going by Little Italy the other day and remembered his big sign on top of the building. The steel post is still there from where the sign stood. Jack is one of those “institutions” we old timers remember. He was always helpful and supportive in the community. A good man.

Although Lowe’s is new to this part of the community, I’d like to brag about what they and the Sheriff’s Department are doing to reach out to those in need. Last week Lowe’s employees and the Sheriff’s Community Service Division went to the home of an 88 yr. old lady who had retired two years ago and has lived in a very meager home for over 30 years. Her 44 yr. old daughter had been hit by a car 7 years ago, which tore her leg off and caused brain damage when she was tossed into the air and landed hard. She is now extremely handicapped. She had children she could no longer care for, so this kind, sweet lady (the girl’s mom) took them all in to her meager home and has tried to support everyone ever since.

A neighbor described her as the sweetest person that ever lived. She had worked for many years for the Salvation Army, and then worked at Manor Care until she retired. The wheelchair ramp at her home was deteriorated beyond repair, there were broken windows, no locks on doors, no screen doors, mildew and mold, few cupboards, extremely old worn out carpeting, no exterior plantings, etc. Lowe’s donated all the materials (except the carpet, which was donated by Setterquist) and the employees gave of themselves to work at fixing up and repairing the East Naples home.

The employees of both organizations’ families came to help, including their children. They worked all day to tear down a decrepit lean-to and the rotten wheelchair ramp and build a new, sturdy ramp (which took a lot more work than they had expected), plant flowers and place mulch, repaired interior doors and install new screen doors, replace broken windows and screens, put locks on the exterior doors, and pressure clean the outside of the home. There is so much more that needs to be done, but at least the home is secure and safe now and much more comfortable to live in, as well as being proud of the appearance from the outside now.

Wal-Mart donated all the food and a birthday cake for Miss Amy Adkins (it was her 88th birthday on this workday), and neighbors came over to help. One neighbor couple, Steve Pacer is a teacher at Lely High School and has taught there for over 30 years, and his wife, Brenda, who teaches at Avalon Elementary School, worked most of the day along side the S.O. and Lowe’s. I wish you could have all been there to experience such wonderful community spirit.


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