Saturday, December 4, 2021

Closing Bedtime Bundles?



Coastal Breeze News Staff 

Bedtime Bundles, Inc., a non-profit charitable organization operating since 2006, recently announced it will be closing as of May, 2012. The mission of Bedtime Bundles was to improve the lives of migrant children throughout Collier County by providing them with basic necessities. The closure announcement stated, “factors beyond our control.”

“There is nothing I’d like more than to find an organization to take over Bedtime Bundles! I am still very passionate about the migrant population. We were poised to receive funding from the Naples Wine Festival this year, but we had to turn them down,” wrote Karen Saeks, founder of Bedtime Bundles, who resigned just two weeks ago. “We are most grateful to all of our wonderful donors and volunteers who have allowed this program to enhance the lives of so many migrant children.”

Karen cites concern over her husband’s health and spending time with family as reasons for the closure. Her husband recently underwent surgery for lung cancer. “I have always thought he is invincible, I found out differently…I saw him at his most vulnerable, we were both so frightened. He is a retired surgeon, to see him in the surgical ICU is so very different.” Although he is clear of cancer now, his oncologists have said they will watch him like a hawk.

“Bedtime Bundles is financially sound and extremely successful. We want nothing more than for Bedtime Bundles to continue, I just cannot do it. Is there a group on the island willing to take it over? You have a built in volunteer base!”

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