Monday, December 6, 2021

Clive Daniel Home to Offer Luxury Italian Fortuny Line

Naples’ largest Interior design firm and luxury high-end furniture retailer Clive Daniel Home (CDH) has added the exclusive Italian luxury brand Fortuny, famous for their legendary textiles and furnishings, to their offerings. Highly regarded in the global design industry, Fortuny creations are of the finest quality, with a rich history and tradition. 

Established in early 20th century Venice by noted artist, inventor, and designer Mariano Fortuny, the company that bears his name and legacy continues to produce some of the finest printed fabrics in the world in the very factory where it began, on the same machines, using the same secret process and techniques developed by Fortuny himself, passed down from generation to generation. Fortuny’s patented printing technique, a well-kept secret since its development over a century ago, has resulted in a line of highly sought after traditional and modern designs in floral, geometric, damask, and tribal motifs. Many of these patterns were drawn by Fortuny himself and are a preferred choice by discerning clients today in luxury high end homes worldwide. Clive Daniel Home is proud to now feature the Fortuny line in their Naples, Florida showroom. 

Fortuny CEO Mauri Riad said, “Clive Daniel is synonymous with home luxury in South Florida. When choosing a home for our historic brand, we look for that level of notoriety and commitment to customer experience. Fortuny’s legacy isn’t just built on handcrafted artisanship and our world-renowned product, it’s also about our customer experience. 

Fortuny’s customers are discerning and demand the very best in every facet of the luxury home experience. Clive Daniel shares our passion for delivering that and has led the way in their market for decades. They operate with the same fundamentals and that’s why we knew this would be our home in South Florida.” 

Clive Daniel CEO Daniel Lubner added, “We are honored and thrilled that our Naples showroom will be the area’s exclusive home for the luxurious Fortuny line. The match of such a revered name with the skill level of our award-winning design team will surely take our clients’ luxury high-end home interiors to the next level.” 

For more information about Clive Daniel Home, please visit them online, contact Madeline Tracy, Naples showroom Director of Business Development, at 239-776-0868 or email

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