Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Clearly Confusing?

Letter to the Editor

Marco Islanders, 

WOW! I’ve just read the ballot text requesting our vote on whether to prohibit selling recreational marijuana on Marco Island. The language necessarily used can easily confuse the voter into a mistaken vote. Maybe the following will clarify the issue a little: 

  1. If you do NOT want recreational marijuana (“pot”), sold on Marco Island, you should vote “YES” - [this will permit Marco laws to specify the recreational pot-prohibition.] 
  2. If you want recreational marijuana (pot”), available and sold on Marco Island, you should vote “NO” – [this would keep Marco laws silent on selling “pot” locally.] 

Could be a bit confusing, could it not? I hope the above is helpful to fellow Marco voters. 


Russ Colombo 

Marco Island 

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